Join the clown mobile!
Once more we had a lovely event! Thanks to all happy clowns for joining the party: quiomi, myst, villem, tilly, mike (welcome back!), mattie, reacher, and donradkos. To entertain the kids (ourselves included), everyone started showing off their coolest tricks. Quiomi showed how to stand on one wheel with a […]

Bumba the clown party report: happy friendly fun!

Happy clown!
And another crew party is in the works! This Friday, at 9pm CET, all ethical clowns will unite peacefully and joyfully at Decker Park. Rather than an outfit vote, this time, we will vote on who can show off her or his coolest clown trick. You can literally do anything, […]

Bumba party tomorrow: who’s the funniest clown?

State of San Andreas is indeed a beautiful place. Equipped with many picturesque landscapes, gorgeous mountains and crystal beaches. Simply said, ideal place for holidays. And so, Sal, Villem, Mattie, Myst, Alex, Roof, Quiomi, Glassy, Donrob, Diamond, myself and some random guests participated in event, which recalled jolly times spent […]

The fairy adventure of Beach Bums

November is ending, the winter is approaching. Let’s relive our greatest summer memories on today’s crew event. We will assemble at the beach in Palomino Highlands. Make sure to bring your most stylish beach outfits, and if you have any vehicle that will fit the theme, make sure to bring […]

Beach Bums coming this evening

On October 31, Ethical Retinue came together for another weekly crew event, this time suitably themed around Halloween. For some of us it was the first time but altogether it was already crew’s 3rd Halloween party. We had a pretty solid turnout for the evening: Abdukov, Dr. Insane, Jeffrey, Mathilya, […]

Halloween’18: what spooky things did we do this year?

While digging around in the archives I realized that Halloween parties have already become crew traditions. Well, sort of. As per popular voting our third Halloween event will take place this Wednesday, October 31. Around 21:00 CET we will gather at my La Mesa nightclub before moving on together. Come […]

Halloween 2018 party this Wednesday

Tomorrow (Wednesday), we’re on for an event kindly orchestrated by Abdukov. Accordingly, he assembled a playlist of jobs, with a focus on having a fun good time. As always, I look forward to see everyone there!

Join the just for fun crew party tomorrow!

Thanks again everyone for joining my executive hot lap event. We had a really great turnout this time around: abdukov, alex, diamond, doozle, dr insane, geg, jeff, mathilya, mattie, myst, quiomi, reacher, seriousray, villem, threep, heggi, witt and guest glass. As usual, a voting contest was held. This time, villem […]

Executive hot lap racing report: who’s the hottest?

And we’re on for some hot laps tomorrow! Usually in a race, it is all about finishing at the top. So what if we throw in a twist and see who can get the best lap time instead? Tomorrow night, finishing the race first only matters if the best lap […]

Executive Hot Lap Meeting Tomorrow Night!

True ricers. 2
And we had another fantastic event! This time, we showed off and enjoyed our coolest ricers. Once again, thanks to all for joining: abdukov, alex, insane, hegg, jeff, tilly, mattie, quiomi, reacher, roof, salbezreh, threep, villem, donradkos, and lerni! To begin, we ran a voting contest, where all demonstrated their […]

Who were the hardest ricers of the evening?