We were waiting six years for peyote plants to be added to GTA Online. Finally, our characters can become random animals in 76 random locations around State of San Andreas. That being said, we have another great idea for crew party! This time, we will assemble at Paige’s place in […]

The zoo is coming to San Andreas on Monday

Halloween scary night.
As the doodle was quite a chequerboard this time around, we’re on for not one but two Halloween themed crew events next week. On Tuesday, we will indulge ourselves with trick or treating contact missions, along with any other missions or activities anyone would like to do. We may also […]

Halloween indulgence on Tuesday & scarefest on Friday

Kindness with friends.
To celebrate world mental health day last Wednesday, for our next crew event, tomorrow (Monday) at 9pm CEST, I’d like organise a meeting specifically focused on kindness. The focus will be on challenges that we do with the entire group, rather than on any competitive individual challenges. As green is […]

Embracing kindness event tomorrow

Here’s the latest party report, from the Viking event held on last Tuesday. We dressed ourselves in our nicest wild Vikings threads and meet up around the small imaginary camp fire on the small dirt road slightly north of the Galileo Observatory, quite the view from there by the way. […]

Wild and vicious Viking adventures: party report

We’ll gather as wild Vikings tomorrow night, at 9 PM CEST. We’re going to be setting up camp a bit north of the Observatory (red arrow), trading hugs around the imaginary camp fire, followed by a clothing contest to see which Viking has the nicest threads, feel free to bring […]

Viking meet tomorrow: let your inner Viking emerge!

By releasing an update back in 2017, Rockstar introduced brand new adventure, also known as Doomsday heists. Last Tuesday, we recreated the path GTA Online protagonists had to traverse in order to save the day. We assembled at Palomino Highlands hills, away from meddlesome cops. Reacher, Mattie, Marwadiator, Threep, Witt, […]

Following the doomsday trail: an illustrated story

Back in a day, specifically 12.12.2017, Doomsday Heist update was released. Many players waited for it, as it was meant to introduce new heists and challenges. In fact, it made the game look more like Saints Row, but still, it remains one of the most important updates. As a crew, […]

The doomsday trail will be crossed today!

And we had yet another lovely cute pleasant party. This time, we celebrated happy cat month by acting out as, well, cats of course! To start, we assembled at our favourite yarn ball supplier, Darnell Bros. After purring and messing around playfully, we went on to the first challenge of the […]

Happy cat meet: a report on the cuddliest party yet

Happy cat doing the cat walk.
And we’re on for another crew event this Wednesday (tomorrow), at 9pm CEST as usual. This time, we will discover our inner happy cat. So, groom your fur to perfection, rub your face ever so cleanly, sharpen your nails on the furniture, lick your soft bottoms, and practice your sweetest […]

Happy cat meet tomorrow: find your inner miaow!

Inspired by past year’s equivalent event, we had another parodies party. And again, it abounded in many hilarious situations. But first things first. We assembled at my penthouse in Diamond Casino. I welcomed Marwittiator, Matticher, Mystiya, Madebywood, Witthilya, Wittcher, Dr Villem and Roofledoo. Party in my penthouse was about to […]

The Return of ETCL Parodies in report