After 2 years, ETCL Darts Tournament made its return. 7 brave participants, that is Pete, Mattie, Lua, Kunsto, Dan, Loc, Knightrider joined me last Thursday to play this famous bar game. We played many matches against each other, with ‘best of 5’ rule. After group phase, the results were as […]

Darts Tournament 2 – 180s and bullseyes

We gathered last Sunday once again to try and export all 10 exotic exports. Thanks to Saxtus for co-hosting, and Tim and Rajput for joining. This time we managed to find and deliver all 10, so props to the team for the excellent work! Sadly Rajput suffered a power cut […]

Exotic exports have striked again

Contact missions group photo
Thanks to everyone who joined me on last Sunday’s contact missions indulgence: elvix, ganz, kuro, lialri, mathilya, nishiv, pete, rajput, saxtus, and tim! The secret photos from the event have finally been declassified for you to enjoy. You can find them below. I already look forward to the next time […]

Contact missions: declassified report from secret adventures

Car theft city group photo.
Many thanks to all who joined the car theft city event yesterday: beavis, elvix, ganz, goner, loc, mathilya, pete, and villem. After a customary group picture, we divided ourselves into two teams of carjackers, racing through the streets of car theft city to fetch the most coveted vehicles for the […]

Car theft city in the pictures

Crew turns nine group photo
We gathered earlier this month to celebrate the crew turning nine years old. To start, we kicked off with a healthy dose of libation and fornication at the Casino penthouse. Following a show of our most ethical cars, we relived the first ever activity to feature on a crew event: […]

Nine years of retinue: report & pictures

We’re on tomorrow to celebrate yet another year of the retinue, as the crew turns nine years old. At this occasion, I want to express my thanks to all you wonderful people who have been giving their best over the years to make the crew to what it has become. […]

Nine: celebrating another year!

Everyone has their favorite movie. There have been many interesting pictures in the history of cinema. Fortunately, State of San Andreas is a good place to have a movie-themed party. The event started with Cast Away reference – party host got stuck on a desert island with some flares to […]

Movie Night at Cinema ETCL!

Here is the list of cars for this Saturday’s car theft city event. For rules and other practical details, see the earlier Car theft city returns post, which I have slightly edited based on questions and feedback. I look forward to seeing you there! Individual deliveries Each of these is worth […]

Car theft city returns: the list

I’m excited to announce a return of roofstone’s car theft city! Let’s once more gather for an epic adventure of true grand theft auto. For those who have not played this before, we gather in a freemode session for two full in-game days, i.e. 96 minutes. The aim is to […]

Car theft city returns

Perky fun ride!
We gathered yesterday for a round of perky fun with the jolly gang. Thanks to all who joined Cookie and me: Dave, Dingle, HiVoltage, Mathilya, ModernNinja, Pete, Villem, and guest Db. We kicked off with a gathering at Del Perro Pier. Before heading into the playlist, we decided to have […]

Perky playtime in the pictures