Many things have been said about toys already. Including the fact that many items available in GTA Online could be considered as them as well. Therefore, it was time for taking a closer look on what toys in GTAO has to offer and have a party. We gathered near Pork […]

Toy Stories party – back to the childhood

An amazing six years have passed since conception of the crew. Therefore, we’re on this Monday 3 May at 9pm CEST as usual, to celebrate six fantastic years of tantalizing togetherness, of formidable fun, and of making a positive difference to the GTA Online experience. All are welcome to join […]

Six years of retinue: join the celebration this Monday!

Most people’s childhood is associated with toys. These items are meant to bring smile to our faces, develop imaginations and help us grow up. Even adults tend to play with them. Now, let’s relive these fond memories and have a party, on which we will see how toys can affect […]

Toy Stories party on Tuesday – find a child in ...

There are many different opinions about what paradise looks like. GTA characters have a simple answer, and it is Cayo Perico. We usually visit it when we feel an urge to rob El Rubio, but this time, we decided to have a party there, outside this little party beach enclave […]

Sunny adventures on Cayo Perico

In December Rockstar added a brand new location to visit for GTA Online players – a tropical island owned by drug dealer El Rubio, Cayo Perico. Always restricted, but this Wednesday, 21:00 CET, we will visit this beautiful place again. And obviously, have a party. To begin with, prepare your […]

Cayo Perico Adventures – a trip to paradise this Wednesday

Lester's unfathomable infatuation.
We’re on for another crew event this Sunday: as per crew tradition, we will be celebrating Valentine once more! Get ready to spread your unfathomable infatuation. We shall defy the laws of attraction with a range of fun activities. To kick off, we will assemble at the nightclub. Plans include: […]

Unfathomable infatuation: join the love fest this Sunday

To warm up for the upcoming Valentine, here is finally a report on our Princess Robot Bubblegum party! First, thanks to all for joining: stoic, bear_stark, threepwood, beavis, mathilya, jeff, hawx, villem, and of course myself. We started out at Rockford Plaza for a car meet. Props to bear_stark for […]

Princess Robot Bubblegum party: our wildest dreams

Many words have been said about how popular races in GTA Online are. This popularity led me to host Race Wars event for the third time. I was joined by Witt, Threep, Villem, Mattie, Cyneric, Beavis and Herokin. And together, on various racing tracks we battled for points for our teams. […]

Race Wars 3 – team racing at its finest!

The time for the third iteration of Race Wars has come. And that is 28th of January, 21:00 CET. You know the drill. And if you don’t please check out this and this link. We split into teams, choose our cars for 8-job racing playlist and compete for the highest […]

Race Wars are back on Thursday!

Whether you are a countrysider or a city citizen….You oughta heard those loud engines from kilometers away. The Harleys are known for their high pitched engines and long body kits. Whilst The Lost MC runs the Biker business in Los Santos & Blaine County and owns multiple Harley bikes, citizens […]

Harley Bikes Master-Race event….This Thursday