And we had yet another lovely cute pleasant party. This time, we celebrated happy cat month by acting out as, well, cats of course! To start, we assembled at our favourite yarn ball supplier, Darnell Bros. After purring and messing around playfully, we went on to the first challenge of the […]

Happy cat meet: a report on the cuddliest party yet

Happy cat doing the cat walk.
And we’re on for another crew event this Wednesday (tomorrow), at 9pm CEST as usual. This time, we will discover our inner happy cat. So, groom your fur to perfection, rub your face ever so cleanly, sharpen your nails on the furniture, lick your soft bottoms, and practice your sweetest […]

Happy cat meet tomorrow: find your inner miaow!

Inspired by past year’s equivalent event, we had another parodies party. And again, it abounded in many hilarious situations. But first things first. We assembled at my penthouse in Diamond Casino. I welcomed Marwittiator, Matticher, Mystiya, Madebywood, Witthilya, Wittcher, Dr Villem and Roofledoo. Party in my penthouse was about to […]

The Return of ETCL Parodies in report

Without a doubt, last year ETCL Parodies party appeared to be a success. Participants dressed up and styled themselves for other fellow crewmates. Confusion, amusement ruled throughout the event. One year after these wonderful times, I’m pleased to announce the return of ETCL Parodies! This time, we will meet in […]

ETCL Parodies party strikes back on Thursday

It is Sunday September 8th 2019. Thanks for each crew member or friend who joined our event: Dr.Insane, Lehel, Mathillya, Mattiejas, Myst, Reacher (who had bad internet, thanks for joining for most of the event), Roofstone, Solitaire, Thitiya, Threepwood (who had crash issues, thanks for joining too), Vill3m, Witt and […]

German car battle report

Car battle! 1
Who rules the sports class? Two German car brands will be racing each other to battle for control of the streets. Perhaps racing to reach the top. Who leads the sport class races? Which manufacturer owns the canyon edges, and which takes 5 stars in drifting? It is Los Santos […]

German car battle this Sunday: Benefactor vs Übermacht

Ethical students in the school bus.
And we had yet another lovely crew event. This time, we celebrated going back to school! I’m proud to report that most students arrived well on time for class. We found everyone to be reasonably behaved. Reacher had forgotten where the bicycle racks were, but head mistress solitaire quickly reminded […]

Back to school: top marks for everyone!

And we are on for another party tonight, at 9pm CEST as usual! This time, we celebrate the start of a new school year. How to do this better then to go back to school in Los Santos with the crew, together with your on duty school masters, mattie and […]

Back to school: join the party tonight!

Sizzling summer racing!
We had another lovely event! To start, we sizzled in the summer sun. Early arrivals threep and me went for a spot of beach riding on the shoreline. Before long, the life guards spotted us and sent over Hasselhoff to deal with the situation. That called for a series of […]

Sizzling summer party: the hottest moments

Scorching summer in Los Santos.
With the hot season nearing its end, let us give summer a proper celebration tonight! What better way to do so than by chilling with your friends at the beaches, in the lakes, and over the hills of Los Santos? This time, do bring along your most colourful summer outfits, […]

Sizzling summer celebration tonight