Little red riding hood. 1
I have a premonition bordering on certainty that everyone knows who little red riding hood is. In view of the theme, be ready to prepare your hottest red outfits. If you don’t have one, don’t hesitate to dress like the big bad wolf, grandmother, or the brave hunter. This time, […]

Little Red Riding Hood is coming this Monday

The farmers of Grapeseed have been drunk or high on meth all spring and left their fields neglected. Since summer is knocking on door already, Ethical Retinue sent a team of awesome people to help out those poor souls. Read on to find out what happened during our spring themed crew […]

Spring party: work’s done and we’re ready for summer!

Birthday boys and girls.
To celebrate the crew’s third birthday, we assembled last week Saturday for a grant theft crew party! Thanks to all for joining: jeff, rochen, mattiejas, insane, mike, doozle, reacher, exar, threep, mathilya, villem, grey, and dakshaa! And special mention for dakshaa for joining the crew straight from the twitch livestream. […]

Crew birthday: who was the most ethical party animal?

tractor 1
Spring is finally in full swing! Singing birds behind windows wake us up too early in the morning. Parks and gardens have turned into seas of blossoming spring flowers. Warm sun, shining through curtains, makes it hard to concentrate on work. Well, actually the forecast promises hot summer temperatures for […]

Celebrate spring this Sunday!

As the crew turns three years old exactly this Saturday, we’re on for a birthday party, tomorrow, at 9pm CET as usual! This time, bring your ethical birthday suit, fancy cars, cheerful friends, happy drinks, and whatever else you can think of. We will start off with a group picture […]

Birthday party: Ethical Retinue turns three tomorrow!

Offroad fun! 3
Last Sunday, Lorsch and Dr. Insane made their debut in orchestrating a crew event: offroad! This time, we faced hardest terrains around state of San Andreas. And so, beside our orchestrators, Doozle, Mattie, Hegg, Threep, Rochen, Grey, Jeff, Roof, Vill3m, Reacher, Venjam1n and myself were present. We assembled at sawmill […]

Offroad party: who was the master of mud and dirt?

Offroad party! 2
Today, on Sunday, our crew is going to meet in the wilderness of San Andreas, with our offroad vehicles that we deem best suited for this difficult terrain. First, we’ll have a quick showdown with those. After that, we’re going to explore our environment for a bit, to see who […]

Offroad event later today (Sunday)

Once more we had a fantastic party, this time around the hitman theme! Last week Thursday, we all assembled at Humane Labs in our hitman themed outfits. Thanks to everyone for joining: mike, sotnoose, threep, reacher, myassar, rochen, doozle, nop, vill3m, mattie, mathilya, heggi, venjamin, and special guest jhettinger. Additionally, […]

Hitman: Who Was The Most Silent Assassin?

Hitman Agent 47 is coming to Los Santos! 2
For our next party, this Tuesday at 9pm CET as usual, we have a special Hitman event in mind. Originally, @nopitch submitted this theme a long while ago. However, with many people in the crew recently enjoying Hitman, the time is ripe to bring Agent 47 to Los Santos. So, […]

Hitman Agent 47 is coming to Los Santos this Tuesday!

For two long weeks, we lived in fear of being falsely banned by developer of our beloved game. Nevertheless, longing for our weekly crew events appeared to be stronger than anytime before! And as the title says, the show went on. This time, at some point we had 20 members […]

The show must go on – we are back!