An incredible seven years have passed since the crew’s creation. That calls for a birthday celebration! I warmly invite all for some classic crew jobs, activities, and cake! The dress code is crew colours and tags. Bring your party bus if you can. But above all, bring your lovely self! […]

Seven: join the birthday party tonight

What is driving? In simple words, sitting behind the steering wheel and navigating a vehicle. We took a look at it from a different perspective on the last crew event. From the basics. Threep, Beavis, Villem, Mattie, Dint, Domo, Witt, Myst and Rag arrived to the parking lot with cars […]

Who learned the most from the Driving School?

In celebration of the number of the beast, we assembled last Monday for our very first eternal damnation party. On the menu were a wide range of questions about evil in history and GTA. We also performed team challenges including translating devil speak and looking for marks of the beast. […]

Eternal damnation: reporting from hell

Driving might be the most common thing to do when playing any GTA game. So there is always room to improve such basic skill. This, Monday, 21:00 CEST. Inspiration for this event came from two sides. First, GTA SA driving school in San Fierro, second, Automaniacs event I hosted back […]

Driving School – back to the basics on Monday

Lucifer coming to Los Santos looking for eternal damnation.
Beholdeth and trembleth, ethical m’rtals! The devil hast descend’d upon thee with eternal damnation. Shalt the retinue survive this ‘rdeal? Cometh and defend thy home, tom’rrow (Monday) at our usual timeth, 9pm CEST. This is thy lasteth chance to might not but repent. May god saveth thy soul, and f’rbid […]

Eternal damnation: release your inner succubus

Dionysus has finally awoken from his intoxicated slumber, suffering from a major hangover. He has no memory whatsoever of what happened at his mythical party last September, besides the pictures you can find below. It appears we have been dancing, drinking, pimping, pushing, and trolling, to finally end up in […]

Mythical adventures: report and pictures

Only once in a new era there is a date 22nd of February, 2022. Not only it looks peculiar, it is also a palindrome. Now, how could we celebrate such a unique day? Of course, by having an ETCL crew event. Mattie, Myst, Villem, Beavis, YG, Ibex, Ogi, Threep joined […]

Two Twenty Two – the magic of number 2

There aren’t many days in the calendar which look so peculiar when written. However, there is one coming: 22nd of February, 2022. 22-02-2022, 02-22-2022 and so on. Just twos and zeros can be found. Now, you might be wondering, how could it possibly refer to Ethical Retinue? Our reliable Witt […]

Two Twenty Two on 22.02.2022!

Once a year there is an ETCL event. Heavily focused on races, but with a twist. The goal is to work for your overall team score and everyone is assigned with a different set of vehicles. For the fourth time we had such an event. Called Race Wars 4. We […]

Race Wars 4 party report