Thanks again everyone for joining my executive hot lap event. We had a really great turnout this time around: abdukov, alex, diamond, doozle, dr insane, geg, jeff, mathilya, mattie, myst, quiomi, reacher, seriousray, villem, threep, heggi, witt and guest glass. As usual, a voting contest was held. This time, villem […]

Executive hot lap racing report: who’s the hottest?

And we’re on for some hot laps tomorrow! Usually in a race, it is all about finishing at the top. So what if we throw in a twist and see who can get the best lap time instead? Tomorrow night, finishing the race first only matters if the best lap […]

Executive Hot Lap Meeting Tomorrow Night!

True ricers. 2
And we had another fantastic event! This time, we showed off and enjoyed our coolest ricers. Once again, thanks to all for joining: abdukov, alex, insane, hegg, jeff, tilly, mattie, quiomi, reacher, roof, salbezreh, threep, villem, donradkos, and lerni! To begin, we ran a voting contest, where all demonstrated their […]

Who were the hardest ricers of the evening?

Ready ricer! 1
And we’re on for a ricers party this evening, at 9pm CEST as usual. This time, a suggestion from @cellscape inspired the theme. Accordingly, we shall all assemble with our favourite rice car at the Vinewood Bowl parking lot in the North East of Los Santos city. Be sure to […]

Ricing ricers uniting tonight: show off your junk!

First customizable lowriders appeared in GTA San Andreas. In 3D era, these masterpieces with adjustable suspension were permanent residents of any player’s garage. Now, in HD era, there are even more options of modifying them. And so, Dr.Insane, Dakshaa, Ray, Threep, Doozle, Villem, Reacher, Geg, Quiomi, CellScape, Jeff, Roof, Mattie, […]

Glittering lowriders are back in Los Santos

Back in 20th October of 2015, a Lowrider Update was released. Many interesting vehicles were added to the game, as well as famous car workshop, also known as Benny’s Original Motor Works, not mentioning new missions for Lamar Davis. And so, almost three years after this event, we are going […]

Lowrider meeting this Sunday

On Monday GTA Online turned 5 years old. Although Rockstar Games decided to ignore that day besides reminding us how awful the servers used to be back in the day then Ethical Retinue gang decided to celebrate it anyway. For old times’ sake we all dressed as fresh players back […]

GTA Online 5th anniversary: remembering the old days

5 years ago, on October 1, 2013, Rockstar Games opened doors to the much anticipated online version of Grand Theft Auto V. The start wasn’t the smoothest as besides Lamar, the first players arriving in Los Santos were greeted by many bugs and glitches. However, this was also a simple […]

GTA Online 5th anniversary party this Monday

As the emblem vote came to a close, this called for a grand celebration! Thanks to all for joining: threep, alex, doozle, dr insane, geg, jeff, tilly, mattie, quiomi, reacher, roof, villem, and abdukov. To begin with, we started with an angelic meeting at Vespucci beach. After showing some friendly […]

Emblem party: a most ethical celebration!

Ethical angel emblem at the facility. 1
And we’re on for another crew event. This week, we’re on for something special. Following a heroic effort from @vill3m to improve our emblem, including repeated constructive input from many crew members, and two major design iterations, last Wednesday, the emblem vote came to a close. As the new emblem […]

Emblem celebration: ethical angel party this Tuesday