No spillage nappy change.
To celebrate new life in the crew once more, we’re assembling together this Thursday (tomorrow) at 9pm CEST for a rather special event: a nappy change training camp. Let’s learn how to contain those nappy leaks! Please be sure to bring your surgical gloves, wipes, a clothes peg, a water […]

No leakage nappy change training camp

Cultural identities & diversities, bottoms up!
Better late than never, here’s finally a report on our adventures from our cultural identities & diversities event! First, thanks to everyone for joining: reacher, mattie, grey, doozle, witt, threep, zarbon, mathilya, myst, villem, and roofstone. To start, we assembled at the Vinewood Bowl for a diverse meet up. The […]

Cultural identities & diversities party report

Pink is a very interesting colour. It definitely has that special something. Adds some sensuality, attractiveness. This is why Heroriks, Villem, Sal, Mattie, Grey, Witt, Doozle, Threep, Roof and myself gathered together in Los Santos – to feel the power of this special colour. We assembled at Pink Sandwich in […]

Pink power party – pink memories

The original Pink Power party was held back in October, 2017, and it was hosted by Mattie. Especially for this event, even crew colour was changed to pink. You can also find a report of our adventures right here. After almost 20 months, let’s have a rerun of this hot […]

Pink Power party is back!

Celebrating diversity. 1
For our next event, I have something special in mind: a celebration of our cultural identities and diversities! To do so, we shall melt our cultural pots together in a range of activities and jobs. To prepare, ensure that you have a hiking saved outfit, an underwear saved outfit, action […]

Cultural identities & diversities celebration this Tuesday

Four years ago, the long-awaited DLC to GTA Online – Heists Update – was released. Many fine players came to celebrate this anniversary: Doozle, Mattie, Heroriks, Roof, Villem, Threep, Zarbon, Reacher, Backblast and guests: Tankz and Ham. And me. Fleeca job We assembled where our all heist adventures started – […]

Heist party – four years of robbery and getting rich

March 10th, 2015. The day Heists Update was released changed GTA Online forever. Lester, Ron and Agent 14 organized 5 multi-tiered heists, which are the most popular way of earning money up to today. Their diversity and necessity of coopeartion makes them one of the best (if not the best) […]

Heist party coming on Sunday

Birthday group photo on the beach. 3
We had another fantastic crew event last Saturday. This time, we celebrated the crew’s 4th birthday. First, thanks to everyone for doing such great effort to join this special celebration: abdukov, backblast, reacher, nopitch, threepwood, mathilya, george, heggi, alex, mattie, witt, gloozy, dr insane, grey, myst, roof, zarbon, sal, and […]

Birthday celebration report: Ethical Retinue turned 4!

Birthday announcement!
For our next event, we have something very special to celebrate: a crew birthday! Last Sunday, it has been exactly 4 years ago since the crew was created. It started as simple naive attempt to spread more positivity in our beloved game. The way the crew developed from there, exceeded […]

Ethical Retinue 4th birthday celebration this Saturday

Roofstone as VIP: thanks! 5
I’d like to express my big thanks to roofstone for having served as lieutenant and commissioner for an extremely long time. You have been so instrumental in building up the crew throughout the years, and in shaping its purpose and character, through helping to make constructive changes to how we […]

Thanks roofstone for everything you have done!