No doubt, everyone likes watching movies. Such hobby combined with a multiplayer game could have been a recipe for a great crew party. And so, Zarbon, Doozle, Villem, Dr.Insane, Threep, Witt, Sal, Mattie, Reacher, Myst and myself participated in fun-filled movie night in GTA Online. We gathered at Doppler Cinema. […]

Movie night event – report and pictures

It’s been another prolific year full of gunrunning, vehicle exporting and drug trafficking. Let’s take a short break from it for the truck fest is coming back to Paleto Bay! This Monday, 22 April, at 21:00 CEST, let’s gather on the parking lot of Cluckin’ Bell factory in Paleto Bay. […]

Truck fest returns this Monday

Who doesn’t like watching an interesting movie in TV, while sitting on a sofa with friends. Our crew already had movie-themed events (Harry Potter, James Bond) but this time, there will be a little mix. The assembly point will be Doppler Cinema (near Pacific Standard bank). No dress code this […]

Movie night: couch, TV and some popcorn this evening

And we had another lovely cosy party last Thursday. This time, we explored the event horizon of Grand Theft Auto. First, thanks to everyone for joining: sal, reacher, threep, mathilya, zarbon, villem, and mattie! To start, we assembled at the Galileo Observatory. After exploring an accidental wormhole to the roof […]

Black hole: report from the event horizon

Black hole spotted!
A black hole has been photographed today, for the first time in the history of man. Let us celebrate this amazing achievement with an appropriately space themed party, tomorrow (Thursday) at 9pm CEST as usual. Therefore, bring your space rockets, space suits, telescopes, satellites, aliens, and anything else you can […]

Black hole spotting this Thursday

Spring Faggio fun.
And we had another lovely get-together last Thursday. This time, we celebrated spring, with an outfit contest, Easter egg hunt, and a variety of spring themed jobs and challenges. First, thanks to everyone for joining: doozle, witt, mathilly, mattie, myst, reacher, sal, threep, villem, and last but not least, our […]

Spring celebration: party report

Spring celebration! 1
Dear friends, do you smell it in the air? Indeed, winter is gone, and the earth has undressed her white robes. Therefore, let us come together to celebrate this colourful advent of spring! The assembly point will be near the cherry blossoms at the Vespucci Canals. Dress lightly, sparingly even, […]

Spring is in the air: celebration tomorrow!

A little late but here’s the recap of what happened at the muscle car event I organized a couple of weeks ago. First of all, I’d like to thank everyone, who showed up: Hegg, Threep, Sal, Doozie, Mathilya, Myst, Mattiejas, Grey, Jeff, P90, Reacher and our guest Thitiya. I wasn’t […]

Drag kings and wheelie masters of the muscle car meet

A thousand is a nice number. Can be expressed in Roman numeral: M, Arabic numeral: 1000, also as binary number: 1111101000. I managed to reach level one thousand in GTA Online. And so, Doozle, Villem, Jeff, Threep, Witt, Sal, Reacher, Mattie and myself celebrated such nice anniversary. We met at […]

Thousand levels later… a celebration

When in December 2015 I started to play GTA Online for good, I never thought that one day I’d reach level one thousand. Doing so proves that GTA Online is just an addicting game, in which people can spend a lot of time, enjoying their time with other players. On […]

Millennial celebration this Thursday