Six years of retinue group photo.
Finally, here’s the report from our birthday party, following six years of retinue. Many thanks to all party animals for joining: beavis, dint, dr insane, ellie, gloozy, herokin, lorsch, mathilya, michael, nopitch, reacher, saxtus, threepwood, and villem. The only thing I remembered from the party is the heavy hangover the […]

Six years of retinue: libation and celebration report

Deputy Director Kersh here. All crew members must attend an urgent and mandatory staff meeting taking place at the FIB building this Tuesday, 13 July, 9pm CEST. As usual, please present in standard FIB office dress code. However, it may be useful to also bring your scuba gear along, just […]

Find the truth this Tuesday: it is out there!

How big is the world map in GTA Online, everyone knows. But who would’ve thought there are so many things to do in every location, if you plan your trip accordingly. We experienced it ourselves, when it turned out the amount of freemode activities I planned was too big. And […]

Around the State expedition: report & pictures

Unfathomable infatuation with threepwood.
In celebration of Valentine, we gathered once more last February to honour our unfathomable infatuation. First of all, thanks to everyone for joining! Present were threepwood, madebywitt, cyneric, myst, herokin, villem, marwadiator, mathilya, alexander, and myself. We kicked of with drinks and dancing at the nightclub. After liberal libation, a […]

Unfathomable infatuation: loveliest moments

Throughout the years, GTA players were given bigger and bigger places of action. Liberty City, Vice City, State of San Andreas. In the HD universe, the latter was featured in GTA Online. Although the game is almost 8 years old, a trip around the entire play area can be a […]

Monday is time for a trip around the state!

Many things have been said about toys already. Including the fact that many items available in GTA Online could be considered as them as well. Therefore, it was time for taking a closer look on what toys in GTAO has to offer and have a party. We gathered near Pork […]

Toy Stories party – back to the childhood

An amazing six years have passed since conception of the crew. Therefore, we’re on this Monday 3 May at 9pm CEST as usual, to celebrate six fantastic years of tantalizing togetherness, of formidable fun, and of making a positive difference to the GTA Online experience. All are welcome to join […]

Six years of retinue: join the celebration this Monday!

Most people’s childhood is associated with toys. These items are meant to bring smile to our faces, develop imaginations and help us grow up. Even adults tend to play with them. Now, let’s relive these fond memories and have a party, on which we will see how toys can affect […]

Toy Stories party on Tuesday – find a child in ...

There are many different opinions about what paradise looks like. GTA characters have a simple answer, and it is Cayo Perico. We usually visit it when we feel an urge to rob El Rubio, but this time, we decided to have a party there, outside this little party beach enclave […]

Sunny adventures on Cayo Perico

In December Rockstar added a brand new location to visit for GTA Online players – a tropical island owned by drug dealer El Rubio, Cayo Perico. Always restricted, but this Wednesday, 21:00 CET, we will visit this beautiful place again. And obviously, have a party. To begin with, prepare your […]

Cayo Perico Adventures – a trip to paradise this Wednesday