This time, KuroAkame makes his debut in orchestrating a crew event. After previous successful green meeting, we will keep riding the environmental wave. The continuation will take place tomorrow, at 21:00 CEST. We will assemble at skate park nearby casino in Chamberlain Hills, nearby BJ Smith Recreational Center. Bring your […]

Eco-party coming up tomorrow

Going green with the ethical retinue! 2
And we had another great and fun crew party, this time revolving around going green! First, thanks all for joining: threep, villem, geg, rakun, reacher, dr insane, lorsch, grey, jeff, mattie, mathilya, and myst. We started off with a traditional outfit voting contest. Special mention to grey for coming as […]

Who was the greenest hippie of them all?

Go green!
And we’re on for yet another crew event: this time we shall go green! Indeed, in these hot times with boiling summers and heated debates around climate change, the Ethical Retinue will try to do its part to save the planet. Thanks to mathilya for setting up the doodle, and […]

Let’s go green and save the planet this Monday!

On a Wednesday evening, some weird tin boxes on wheels slowly rolled onto a parking lot in South Los Santos. The usual clash between the police and local gangs stopped and the ghetto became completely silent when menacing looking people came out of those tin boxes. Wearing two-striped ProLaps tracksuits […]

Gopnik party: a chaotic wreckfest on the streets of Los ...

Three days after its release, Ethical Retinue celebrated the newest DLC in so called, Night Life Party. Thanks to everyone who joined: Doozle, Roof, Exar, Armin, Villem, Jeff, Reacher, Rochen, Lorsch, also to our guests: Quiomi and Memo. The meet and the party We assembled at the parking lot near […]

Night life party – an inevitable hangover

Here it is, so long awaited update, called “After Hours”. This Friday, at 21:00 CEST we are going to celebrate the newest DLC. We are going to meet at the Vespucci Beach. Make sure to dress your best party outfits and bring your most frenzy and colorful cars. Limos, party […]

Night life event tomorrow – the party begins!

First of all, sorry for the late announcement yesterday. Turned out it wasn’t such a brilliant idea to fix the party time with only a few hours left for the notice. Anyway, don’t worry, I’ve moved the party to this week with a few minor changes to the concept. This […]

Gopniks, unite! Slavic culture days coming to Los Santos

In the city of Los Santos it’s really hard to find any shade of cuteness. But Ethical Retinue crew members once again proved that nothing is impossible. This time, Roof, Amorphis, Geg, Myst, Threep, Chevi, Doozle, Grey, Jeff, Witt, Mattie, Reacher, Sotnoose, Villem, Patrick, Raddest, Rochen, Termi, Dr.Insane and myself […]

Cutest party ever – pink & tiny is beautiful!

Bob the builder and his friends. 2
Did Bob the Builder ever tell you that procrastination is his middle name? As the saying goes, better late than never, and so here’s finally a brief party report on our Bob the Builder party from about 3 weeks ago. Thanks to all for joining: dr insane, vill3m, mattie, reacher, […]

Bob the builder: have we fixed it?

The holiday season is upon us!
For today, let us properly kick off the holiday season! What better way to do so than by chilling with friends in GTA Online? We will start with some chilling at the beach. Be sure to bring your holiday outfits, and plenty of sun screen! After an outfit voting on […]

Celebrating the happy summer holiday season today!