How to get on Santa's naughty list.
And, we’re on for another themed party tomorrow: Santa’s naughty list! Consequently, Santa invites all the good and naughty boys and girls to join him. Naturally, Santa wants to see how far down or up you can make it on either of his lists. To start, we will assemble at […]

Santa’s naughty list: join this Thursday!

We had another film-themed party, this time, we roleplayed and re-enacted the famous “Titanic” movie! As usual, thanks all for joining: kuro, jeff, doozle, mattie, lorsch, myst, mathilya, dancing_sheep, sotnoose, threep, reacher, dr.insane and armina. We started at Elysian Island docks, where our Titanic… euhm, tugboat set off. With big […]

Titanic party: a report from the cruise of our lives

Titanic victim? 1
We are on for a Titanic crew party on Monday! This time, we will travel back to 1912 and have a cruise on the famous vessel. Unfortunately, R* didn’t provide us with such a big ship, so we might take a tugboat as a replacement 😀 To get in mood, […]

Titanic party this Monday: a sinking feeling?

Lumberjack hackfest. 5
And we had yet another lovely meeting, this time organised as a lumberjack hackfest. Thanks all for joining: toyota, roof, mathilya, dancing_sheep, mattie, jeff, reacher, chevi, lorsch, threep, grey, and sotnoose. Also thanks to frigger for a friendly guest appearance at the end. Finally, thanks to reacher for suggesting the […]

Lumberjack hackfest: who lost least limbs?

And we’re on for another crew event tomorrow, at 9pm CET as usual: a lumberjack hackfest! This time, thanks go to reacher for suggesting this original theme, and for already helping out identifying some cool jobs for the playlist. If you still have any suggestions, please let me know! To […]

Lumberjack hackfest tomorrow: dig up your hatchet!

No spillage nappy change swaggers.
And we had another great meeting, appropriately organised as a “no spillage” nappy change masterclass, to celebrate new life in the crew. Thanks to everyone for joining: chevi, mathilya, mattie, doozle, kassz, threep, reacher, jeff, lorsch, dr insane, grey, and meriandar! To start, we assembled at the playground in Vinewood […]

No spillage nappy change masterclass: a messy report

No spillage nappy change.
In honour of new life, we shall hold a masterclass in nappy changing, this Saturday at 9pm CET, no spillage allowed! Unfortunately, despite best efforts and intentions, I cannot guarantee that this won’t be our messiest event ever. As always, thanks to all for completing the doodle. This time, I […]

No spillage nappy change masterclass this Saturday

Trick or treat. 2
Last Thursday, we had another great crew event. Many thanks to everyone who joined to celebrate Halloween with the crew: sep, jeff, devil, roof, threep, vix, mattie, doozle, mathilya, reacher, chevi, and grey. We assembled in Ursula’s garden near El Gordo Lighthouse. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to come, but she […]

Trick or treat: scarefest party report

Trick or treat! 2
And we are on for another party: we’ll celebrate Halloween with a trick or treat costume scarefest! Therefore, dress in your scariest costumes, and bring your bloodiest vehicles. This time, we shall do a trip around Los Santos, scaring the cops, the local gangs, and anyone else we can find […]

Trick or treat costume scarefest this Thursday

James Bond action shot. 7
Once more, we had a lot of fun, this time acting out our James Bond theme. First, thanks all for joining: doozle, mathilya, roof, mattie, jeff, reacher, sotnoose, dante, lorsch, grey, chevi, and woozy! After we chased out a James Bond look-a-like NPC, a truly beautiful outfit contest followed. For […]

James Bond secret mission report (swallow after reading)