Again, we are in a state of emergency. For no reason, the developer of our beloved game once more banned some of our innocent crew members, and many more ethical players from other crews. Unfortunately, unlike last year, bans on legitimate players have not been reversed so far. So, Dr.Insane, […]

State of emergency: a minute of silence

State of emergency at Fort Zancudo.
Unfortunately, a state of emergency is in order once again. Due to totally incomprehensible reasons, the developer of our beloved game has once more banned a lot of innocent players. Our crew maintains a very strong policy in the crew against cheating and harassment. We have always strongly supported Rockstar’s […]

State of emergency this Thursday

GTA classic: welcome back! 3
Last Tuesday, after almost 17 years since the release of GTA III, we decided to recall some of the greatest memories connected with past classic GTA games. And so, Mike, Lorsch, Mattie, Heg, Vill3m, Sotnoose, Roof, Chevi, Threep and myself assembled at the most classic place in every GTA game: […]

GTA classic party v2.0: the nostalgia continues

Classic Claude picks up Misty at the hospital. 2
We are on for another party: as in 2016, we are going to recollect all those fond memories from previous Grand Theft Auto games. Please dress up as your favourite classic GTA character from one of the older GTA games. If you remember his/her vehicle, or any characteristic vehicle from […]

GTA classic party v2.0 this Tuesday

Hide and seek meet. 2
Even though my announcement was a bit late, we had a good turnout for our hide and seek: roof, p90, grey, honki, chevi, mathilya, lorsch, mike, dr.insane, reacher, threep and vill3m. Also, we had two newcomers: rakun, one of our newest members, and some princess robot bubblegum?! I hope that […]

Hide and seek party: ready or not, here I come!

Hide and seek! 5
I know, I know… it’s long overdue. The orchestrator was hiding in his work. So here we go: hide and seek! Here I come! As usual at 9pm CET tomorrow we will have our hide and seek party. First, we will start with some VIP Executive Search action. Indeed, who […]

Hide and seek party tomorrow (Thursday)

Centenary hot tub party. 2
Thanks all for joining our centenary celebration last Thursday! Amazingly, we truly had a record turnout, with threep, roof, mattie, musaei, hegg, nsoram, reacher, jeffrey, sotnoose, insane, kassz, vill3m, witt, lorsch, armin, mathilya, doozle, and from the olden days, nop and gloozy! An Ethical Race & Epic Yacht Party To […]

Centenary celebration: a blazing party!

As we have reached 100 members, we’re on for a centenary this Thursday (tomorrow as I write this)! Back in the days, on 5 May of 2015, mattiejas came up with the crazy idea to create a nice and pleasant crew for players who enjoy positive, respectful, helpful, and above […]

Centenary party: celebrating 100 members this Thursday

Doomsday boys and girls. 1
To celebrate the Doomsday heist update, we celebrated with another great party. As always, big thanks to everyone who joined: strezz, mattie, doozle, mathilya, sotnoose, grey, mike, heg, insane, threep, meriandar, reacher, roof, kuro, chevi. Also special thanks to sotnoose for bringing three more guests, musaei, nsoram, and niklaas. This […]

Doomsday Sunday: the end is nigh!

True love. 4
First, thanks all for joining our power of love fest! Once more, we had a good turnout: doozle, insane, mattie, kassz, reacher, mike, hegg, threep, jeff, grey, lerni, chevi, and a guest appearance by bear. This time, we assembled at Mirror Park for a show of vehicles and outfits. Here, […]

Power of love: who’s wettest dreams came true?