…oink, oink, oink, oink, oink! Hahaa, get it? No? Okey 🙁 . Anyway, to keep the traditions alive, we had our third Chinese New Year party on Monday. Since world renown scientists have determined it’s now the year of yellow earth pig, the party theme was also chosen accordingly. So […]

Chinese New Year party: who let the pigs out?

pigs running
Pigs of the world, unite! Tomorrow, February 11 at 21.00 CET, join other ethicals for our traditional Chinese New Year party in GTA Online. This year we have yellow earth pig year, whatever that means. Anyway, I expect everyone to dress along those lines. Of course, the best outfits shall […]

Chinese New Year party tomorrow

Last Tuesday, 11 fellow riders: Doozle, Mattie, Villem, Myst, Roof, Sal, Witt, Quiomi, Reacher, Abdukov and myself gathered on the start line. For one of the quickest crew events we ever had. But first things first. We assembled at Rebel Radio headquarters, near Redwood Lights Track. After a quick summary […]

Race wars – speedy report

As of today, there are 282 cars in GTA Online. Some of them are fast, some are beautiful, some are ridiculous. Usually, the fastest ones bring the victory. But this Tuesday, at 21:00 CET we’ll battle for the first place not individually, but with teams. And that’s is why our […]

Race Wars event this Tuesday

Here it was, the first party in 2019. Dr.Insane, Grey, Roof, Doozle, Myst, Villem, Threep, Reacher and myself gathered together to celebrate the newly started year. We assembled at Mount Josiah peak, with our sleigh-looking vehicles and flashy outfits. Some of us had problems to climb up slippery ridges, but […]

The New Year party celebration

Anno Domini 2018 is over. We had 47 great events, on which we competed, laughed, raged, but what’s most important, we enjoyed playing together. We recruited almost 40 new members and our Discord server became a real communication center. That made passed year amazing and pity it has came to […]

New Year party this evening

Join the clown mobile!
Once more we had a lovely event! Thanks to all happy clowns for joining the party: quiomi, myst, villem, tilly, mike (welcome back!), mattie, reacher, and donradkos. To entertain the kids (ourselves included), everyone started showing off their coolest tricks. Quiomi showed how to stand on one wheel with a […]

Bumba the clown party report: happy friendly fun!

Happy clown!
And another crew party is in the works! This Friday, at 9pm CET, all ethical clowns will unite peacefully and joyfully at Decker Park. Rather than an outfit vote, this time, we will vote on who can show off her or his coolest clown trick. You can literally do anything, […]

Bumba party tomorrow: who’s the funniest clown?

State of San Andreas is indeed a beautiful place. Equipped with many picturesque landscapes, gorgeous mountains and crystal beaches. Simply said, ideal place for holidays. And so, Sal, Villem, Mattie, Myst, Alex, Roof, Quiomi, Glassy, Donrob, Diamond, myself and some random guests participated in event, which recalled jolly times spent […]

The fairy adventure of Beach Bums

November is ending, the winter is approaching. Let’s relive our greatest summer memories on today’s crew event. We will assemble at the beach in Palomino Highlands. Make sure to bring your most stylish beach outfits, and if you have any vehicle that will fit the theme, make sure to bring […]

Beach Bums coming this evening