Do you remember in what GTA game for the first time you could enter an aircraft and feel like a bird? I think it was Vice City. Since then, all the following 3D games had some planes or helicopters accessible to players. Tradition continues in Online – moreover, we can […]

Aviation Enthusiasts – take off on Sunday!

Following COP26, the time seems ripe for another environmentally themed crew event. Let’s save the earth and assemble this Sunday (tomorrow at the time of writing) at 2pm CET at Los Santos International Airport. Note the unusual time, to give our friends from Eastern time zones also a chance to […]

Save the earth this Sunday!

    Fellow gamer guys & girls.   What was the video game that turned you into a gamer? Lets bring back this memorial game element aka protagnist style or vehicle style. Its up to you my dear participant whether you will come in your first game style or your […]

Gaming icons & memories event this Sunday

Boo! On Tuesday, October 26, at the usual 9PM / 21:00 CEST – this years Halloween party will kick off. Let’s gather up and the Hill Valley Church in Great Chaparral, come in your finest costumes if you so desire – and maybe even a spooky ride as well! A […]

Halloween 2021 this Tuesday: Join the Scarefest!

We had another great party, this time filled with high school memories – times, when we were all youngsters. Warlock, Marwa, Mattie, Saxtus, Villem, Dint, Beavis, Witt joined me at this event. I started with picking up all youngsters from parties at their night clubs and other similar places with […]

High School Youngsters – report & pictures

For some people (including this post’s author) high school was the best time during their education. Reaching maturity, parties, rebellious moods, first girlfriends (or boyfriends)… now it’s time to relive these memories. And have a party. This event will take place on Saturday, 18th of September, 21:00 CEST. Unlike in […]

Back to adolescence on High School Youngsters party!

Costume parties are present during most of our parties. But once a year there is a party on which all participants choose outfits that are very familiar. And this is how ETCL Parodies vol. 4 started. I welcomed Beavis, Herokin, Ibex, Witt, Marva, Mattie, MasterGuy, One, Doozle, Threep, Villem Warlock […]

ETCL Parodies vol. 4 – how well do we know ...

A mythical Zeus in action.
This Saturday at 9pm CEST, we’ll take a mythical dive into Greek mythology and culture. We’ll start off with a trip of libation and fornication at Dionysus’s nightclub near Benny’s. From there, we’ll explore some links to Greek mythology in GTA, searching for clues and perhaps learning a few new […]

A mythical adventure: join Dionysus this Saturday!

Here we go again. Ladies & gentlemen, get ready for ETCL Parodies vol. 4. On Tuesday, 17th of August, 21:00 CEST. The formula remains the same. To prepare yourself, please choose one of the crew members you wish to impersonate. This is the hardest part! When ready, pick clothes the […]

ETCL Parodies vol. 4 this Tuesday

Finding the truth: abduction
Here’s finally the report on our X files event, where we tried to find the truth! First of all, thanks to everyone for joining either part of the event: aleksander, beavis, cyneric, ibex, mayhem, dint, ellie, villem, saxtus, mathilya, one, roofstone, monster, threepwood, vaklap, and of course myself. We started […]

The truth was out there: X file report