How many colors are around there? Many. One way to find out how many was to join ETCL party, themed with colors. Simple as that 🙂 We met at Legion Square. Participants arrived dressed in solid colors, so we could split into Team Hot (warm hues) and Team Cool (cold […]

The most colorful party report

Before I start, I must tell you something. The idea for a party called “Colormania” was born back in 2016, during my first days in the crew. After 6 years, the time has come to execute it. To be specific, Sunday, 16th of October, 21:00 CEST. Our assembling point this […]

Colormania celebration on Sunday

From all the crew events I hosted, none of them lived to 5 iterations. The original ETCL Parodies was held for the first time back in 2018. I was glad to organize an event on which we impersonated each other for the fifth time. We met at the highest point […]

ETCL Parodie5 memories

Alright, let’s go. The fifth iteration of ETCL Parodies will take place on Saturday, 20th of August , 21:00 CEST. Nothing has changed since then – as always, the preparations are the most important part of this event. So: pick one of crew members you wish to impersonate, dress up […]

ETCL Parodie5 – the wackiest party returns!

We had another great event. This time, everything scheduled was just a big, 16-job playlist, containing various games most players enjoy. So we started a playlist night. We assembled behind MIrror Park petrol station and as soon as Bogu, Mattie, Ibex, Ogi, Saxtus, Sotmo, Yuliya, Witt, Villem, Myst and Marwa […]

Playlist night memories

Party Overtime scheduled for tomorrow, July 24, at 3PM / 15:00 CEST. Playlist will consist of a couple Overtime Rumble’s, an Overtime Shootout and a few more jobs with an Overtime twist to them. See you then!

Party Overtime tomorrow: Jump & Aim!

Here is all the info you should know before tonight’s event. If something is unclear then I can clarify it before we start. Background You’re a robber who has eagerly accepted a task from Moodymann to deliver some caramel ice cream to him for a free ticket to Cayo Perico. […]

Introduction and rules for Cops n’ Robbers: The Ice Cream ...

What tigers like the most? I know, this is a very general question. But let’s assume the answer is not 42, but GTAO playlists. On Saturday, 9th of July, 21:00 CEST, we’ll experience the power of this game feature. Let’s meet behind the petrol station in Mirror Park. As for […]

Here comes the Playlist Night!

Moped brothers.
Thanks to all who joined the mellow moped riot event last week: bogu, mathilya, dint, ibex, domo, plimph, nishiv, monster, villem, and doozle. After assembling on top of the garage, a group photo, and few crazy jumps, two groups battled for a race to Paleto Bay and back. Next, everyone […]

Mellow moped riot report

Darts, such a simple game. But with ETCL members, it was a great fun. Especially, when playing in a tournament. We played many matches, everyone against everyone. After 11 exhausting rounds, the scoreboard looked as following: 22p – Threepwood 21p – Witt 20p – Mattie 18p – Cyneric 16p – […]

Darts tournament – who had the best aim?