Monthly Archives: January 2016

As some of you may already have noticed, Nopitch has just been assigned the role of commissioner of your crew. This may perhaps seem strange to some of you, because Nopitch has rarely played with Ethical Retinue as his active crew. Nevertheless, Nopitch has been one of the strongest forces […]

We have a new commissioner: Nopitch!

Many thanks to everyone who completed the doodle! The crew party is on for tomorrow (Monday February 1st). We’ll be starting at 8:30pm CET. Kassz and myself will be recording footage during the crew event to be used for website material, and maybe also for another crew video.

Crew party tomorrow

I am enormously proud and excited to introduce to all of you your new crew website! This blog post will explain a bit more about how the website came about, what you can currently find here, how you might be using it to your advantage, and what plans you can […]

Website launch & crew party

As we all know, the social club crew pages are rather minimal and are lacking some rather essential features. Wouldn’t it be nice to be more easily in touch with crew announcements, crew events, and other crew members? Well, behold, we now have a proper crew homepage, with forum and […]

We now have a website!