We have a new commissioner: Nopitch! 1

As some of you may already have noticed, Nopitch has just been assigned the role of commissioner of your crew. This may perhaps seem strange to some of you, because Nopitch has rarely played with Ethical Retinue as his active crew. Nevertheless, Nopitch has been one of the strongest forces behind building up your crew. He has been a major driver in bringing us where we stands now. I owe him a lot. We all owe him a lot. As most of Nopitch’s contributions to Ethical Retinue have been going on in the background, most of you will perhaps not realize this, hence why I feel that I must write about it here and explain the reasons behind what would otherwise look like a strange move.

From the very start of Ethical Retinue, we have held by the principle that member contribution is not measured by reputation points or by any other silly statistics. It is about getting together and having fun, regardless of which crew one has as an active crew. I have updated our hierarchy document to emphasize more clearly that our crew roles are not about rewarding players for reputation points or anything similar. Instead, it is about carrying responsibility and helping out accordingly.

In the coming weeks and months, we will slowly and gradually ask more of you to help out. However, if you feel that you want to commit very strongly to the cause in a proactive way, please do feel free to PM either one of Nopitch, SnackitWH, or myself. You can also talk to one or more of us on discord if we are online.

Do not forget tomorrow’s crew party at 8:30pm CET!

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