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Crew party: pictures & aftermath

A quick report on our first official crew party. First and most important of all: many thanks to everyone (83427, CEPA-FIN, Chastity, Gloozy, HonkiPonkiTorino, Kassz, mattiejas, Nopitch, Pixelradon, and SnackitWH) who joined the event! If you want to join the next party, please complete the doodle for next week’s crew party and discuss what you want to do at the party in the corresponding forum topic!

So, what went on?

The party was a great experience, starting off at “The White Angel” yacht with booze and cigars in the hot tub. Kassz showed off some of his races. In Top Fun III, HonkiPonkiTorino amazed us all with his super special Honki-style-stunt-plane-car-hopping-jet-evading moves. Gloozy impressively managed to destroy two jets with a single stunt plane. More fun followed with Extraction, Drop Zone, and Beast. All interspersed with the usual freemode chaos.

If you missed it, the whole event can be watched on twitch. Below is a picture gallery with some highlights. Some official crew group pictures were also taken – I will share these on the website as soon as I have some time to fire up the Rockstar Editor. Enjoy!

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