Crew party 2: pictures & aftermath 1

Here’s a brief report on our second crew party. As usual, many thanks to everyone (83427, El_Narco, Gloozy, FluffyFlurry, HonkiPonkiTorino, mattiejas, Nopitch, and SnackitWH) who joined the event! If you want to join the next party, please complete the doodle for next week’s crew party and discuss what you want to do at the party in the corresponding forum topic!

So, what went on?

We started off as usual at “The White Angel” yacht for a nice group photo, especially showing of our new elite shirts as many of us have finally achieved this challenge recently (and many more to follow, I am sure!). We started with an amazing race, entitled “Careful Driving”, created by HonkiPonkiTorino. Enormous confusion, narrow lanes, tricky turns, and superb jumps: this is one of the most entertaining races we had all played in a very long time. We hope to see more of those, Honki!! For the remainder, we did a variety of things: Drop Zone, a tricky yet fun parachute jump, Kassz’s race that we all enjoyed from the previous party, a standard deathmatch at the Humane Labs, a few versus missions, a Team Last Standing deathmatch, and a few more super car races. The final victory for the playlist was extremely tight, with the top 4 players no more than 5 points apart! We ended the evening with some VIP fun, defending yachts in turn.

If you missed it, the whole event can be watched on twitch. As usual, below is a picture gallery with some highlights. Enjoy!

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