Monthly Archives: March 2016

I’m so excited to announce that we have a new logo! A huge thanks to everybody who has provided artistic input in making the final design, in no particular order: 83427, kassz, nopitch, roofstone, beard, jeffrey, and honki. Below you find a gallery, as well as an animated gif, highlighting […]

New logo

We had a pretty amazing crew playlist event last week, with yet another one of Honki’s mixes. Many thanks to everyone who joined: BilaIT, CPTKenan, EmreeEkim, Gloozy, HonkiPonkiTorino, Jeffrey895, Kassz, katsoekske, mattiejas, Nopitch, Roofstone, and SimaySayinn! Also thanks to Honki for inviting his friends along. Starting off with Kassz’s classic […]

Crew playlist report & pictures

Complete the doodle if you want to join! We had a spontaneous unplanned but quite successful crew playlist event last Monday, going through HonkiPonkiTorino’s bike race playlist; the live broadcast can be seen on twitch. It was fun, although not entirely to everybody’s liking, so a healthy and constructive discussion […]

Plans for the next crew event