Crew playlists in the pictures & redesign of the crew logo 5

A lot of things have been going on since the last blog post!

HonkiPonkiTorino has been updating his playlists quite a bit, and the crew playlist event was a huge success. Some pictures are in the gallery below. We will definitely hold more of these playlist events, so if you’re interested please do complete the doodle for the next one! Also make sure to flag any of your own jobs that you want including.

On another important crew topic, the work on the logo redesign has been going slowly but steadily. We now have a pretty much agreed basic layout for the logo:

Some details still need to be fixed and some concepts still to be tried out. This has been a true collaborative effort between many crew members, and special thanks go to (in no specific order) 83427, nopitch, roofstone, kassz, beard, and honki. If you feel like chiming in, please visit the corresponding forum thread.

Enjoy the pictures!

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