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We had a pretty amazing crew playlist event last week, with yet another one of Honki’s mixes. Many thanks to everyone who joined: BilaIT, CPTKenan, EmreeEkim, Gloozy, HonkiPonkiTorino, Jeffrey895, Kassz, katsoekske, mattiejas, Nopitch, Roofstone, and SimaySayinn! Also thanks to Honki for inviting his friends along.

Starting off with Kassz’s classic Liberator beach race, we continued with rockstar’s epic and totally brutal deathmatch on Fort Zancudo, where Roofstone impressively owned everyone with an amazing K/D ratio of no less than 13/5=2.60! We continued with Kurumas versus miniguns, which was great fun although the Kurumas sadly stood very little chance. A crazy race on the sea ensued, unfortunately some people getting stuck due to wrong vehicles or simply spawning at a bad checkpoint in front of impossible jumps; let’s just say it was an interesting experiment. Another race followed with insane (yet easily possible!) jumps, where again Roofstone amazed everybody by winning the race against all odds in a stock T20, while almost everyone else was using a fully pimped T20. Following was a totally imbalanced but nevertheless amazingly fun deathrun over the railway. The highlight of the playlist was undoubtedly the GTA race on the Vinewood Racetrack, with totally insane carnage between insurgents, sanchez bikes, and a few nutcases who thought it was fun just to get off their bike and instead to spray everyone with a minigun (oh I hate it when other people do that… 😉 ). We ended the evening with another versus mission on the farm, to finish off with a fairly balanced mission of insurgents versus RPGs, where the insurgents amazingly managed to get the upper hand, again under the lead of Roofstone. Before everyone headed off, we also had a quick test of Roofstone’s mexican standoff deathmatch, which I can only highly recommend for anyone who wants a fast adrenaline kick: these run & shoot matches last typically less than 10 seconds.

Although Honki won the playlist, the hero of the evening was undoubtedly Roofstone with amazing gameplay throughout, turning the odds in amazing ways. So congratulations to Honki & Roofstone for a first and a very close second place, with Jeffrey, Kassz, and EmreeEkim on the third place – only being one point apart from each other, I think we can call it a tie. It was exciting till the end!

In any case I am very much looking forward to doing more of these. Enjoy the pictures below!

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