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Thanks so much to everyone who completed the doodle! The time of the event is fixed for Tuesday 3 May 8:30pm CET, and the theme will be “Mafioso”. The plan is as follows: Everyone must dress mafia style. We will kick off with a mafia car meet at La Fuenta […]

Crew event this Tuesday: Mafioso

We had a real blast yesterday evening at the cow farm! Many thanks to all the rednecks who joined: fluffyflurry, gloozy, honki, jeffrey895, kassz, mattiejas, mr_doughnut, nopitch, roofstone, snackitwh, and superbobob. The dressing was spot on, the competition was tough, and we scared away the cows because none turned up […]

Crew rednecks event: report & pictures

Many thanks to everyone for completing the doodle! The time of our event is now fixed to Monday 25 April 8:30pm CET. To make it a bit more interesting, the event will revolve around the theme “Rednecks”. Here is what we’ll do: Everyone must dress as a redneck! We will […]

Crew event this Monday: Rednecks

I am so pleased to announce that you have another Lieutenant in the crew: Kassz has just agreed to take up the role! Among his many talents are his GTA videos, his awesome races – you should try them out if you haven’t already! Kassz also helped out with recruitment […]

We have a new lieutenant: Kassz!