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Thanks so much to everyone who completed the doodle! The time of the event is fixed for Tuesday 3 May 8:30pm CET, and the theme will be “Mafioso”. The plan is as follows: Everyone must dress mafia style. We will kick off with a mafia car meet at La Fuenta […]

Crew event this Tuesday: Mafioso

We had a real blast yesterday evening at the cow farm! Many thanks to all the rednecks who joined: fluffyflurry, gloozy, honki, jeffrey895, kassz, mattiejas, mr_doughnut, nopitch, roofstone, snackitwh, and superbobob. The dressing was spot on, the competition was tough, and we scared away the cows because none turned up […]

Crew rednecks event: report & pictures

The design of the new logo has converged! Voting will start today and will go on until Sunday May 8th. In the course of tomorrow, I will send a special link to every crew member that you can use to vote. If for some reason you do not get the […]

New logo: voting period has started

Many thanks to everyone for completing the doodle! The time of our event is now fixed to Monday 25 April 8:30pm CET. To make it a bit more interesting, the event will revolve around the theme “Rednecks”. Here is what we’ll do: Everyone must dress as a redneck! We will […]

Crew event this Monday: Rednecks

We’ve had a really great and exciting crew event last Friday! Starting out with a car meet at the local supermarket parking lot, everyone showed off their cars in all sorts and sizes. Someone tipped off the cops (… me?? surely not!!!! well at least not intentional ^^), and additionally […]

Trackmania Turbo crew event: report & pictures

I am so pleased to announce that you have another Lieutenant in the crew: Kassz has just agreed to take up the role! Among his many talents are his GTA videos, his awesome races – you should try them out if you haven’t already! Kassz also helped out with recruitment […]

We have a new lieutenant: Kassz!