Crew event this Friday – Nopitch Trackmania Turbo giveaway 6

The next crew event is confirmed for this Friday – that’s tomorrow! – 8:30pm CET. It will be a special one: Nopitch’s brother has worked on the recently released Trackmania Turbo, so to celebrate the release of the game, he will very generously give away a Trackmania Turbo game key to the winner of the crew event!! We will assemble as usual at 8:30pm with a Trackmania themed car meet, a special race, and a short playlist. The special race is planned for around 9pm CET, and will consist of Broughy’s famous GTA vehicle benchmarking track.

In order to mimick as much as possible of the Trackmania Turbo game spirit, the rules will be: non-contact, no catchup, no slipstream, etc. The race will be restricted to the muscle or coupé class, and whoever gets the best lap time will be the winner of the event!

Thanks so much Nopitch for your generosity! Looking forward to an exciting battle!!

If you have any further ideas or thoughts on the event, don’t hesitate to share them on the forum.

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