New logo: voting period has started 4

The design of the new logo has converged! Voting will start today and will go on until Sunday May 8th. In the course of tomorrow, I will send a special link to every crew member that you can use to vote. If for some reason you do not get the link, please let me know. We will use approval voting so you can specify more than one logo if you cannot decide the best one. During the voting period, the old logo will be set once more as crew logo, for nostalgic reasons – it may be the last time that we see it in-game!

Three new designs are on the menu: a coloured version, a black/white version, and a black/white version with some minor coloured touches. In addition, the old logo will also be a voting option, as at least one person told me that they actually still prefer that over any of the new designs. Below are some screenshots of the proposed logos in-game.

Looking forward to May 8th!

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