Crew rednecks event: report & pictures 4

We had a real blast yesterday evening at the cow farm! Many thanks to all the rednecks who joined: fluffyflurry, gloozy, honki, jeffrey895, kassz, mattiejas, mr_doughnut, nopitch, roofstone, snackitwh, and superbobob. The dressing was spot on, the competition was tough, and we scared away the cows because none turned up at the farm. One farmer did try to chase us off his property but nopitch quickly took care of that problem. Despite the presence of one inconspicuous yet illegitimate vehicle – a tractor post-converted to a tank – the event went peaceful, no cops disturbing us this time, and we managed to finish our voting without casualties. The winners were fluffyflurry and gloozy – congratulations! Honorable mention to nopitch for creativity and pulling of to steal an appropriate car on the spot.

While the victory photos were being taking, jeffrey, kassz, honki, and roofstone (and maybe others?! sorry if I missed you!) enjoyed a spot of tank turret high jumping. Some permanent but entirely unintentional injuries may have resulted.

We then had an impromptu race from the cow farm to fort Zancudo, where numerous individuals managed to get themselves disqualified trying to start too eagerly. Brownie points for them eager cowboys! And cash for the legitimate winner: roofstone – good job!!

The evening finished with a short playlist, won by our local hero kassz, closely followed by snackitwh and roofstone tied on the 2nd place, and honki finishing in 3rd place. Well done all!

For the next crew event, we will likely go for the mafioso theme, so you can already start thinking about your clothes and cars. If you have any suggestions for jobs on the playlist, be sure to leave a comment. A doodle will follow soon.

As usual, finishing off with some pictures:

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