Crew event this Tuesday: Mafioso 1

Thanks so much to everyone who completed the doodle! The time of the event is fixed for Tuesday 3 May 8:30pm CET, and the theme will be “Mafioso”. The plan is as follows:

  • Everyone must dress mafia style.
  • We will kick off with a mafia car meet at La Fuenta Blanca – see directions below. This is Madrazo’s villa in the countryside, maybe you remember it from Trevor dropping off Patricia in story mode.
  • Please park your vehicles in a nice circle around the tree at the entrance. We can spill out onto the side roads if we are short on space. No shooting, no attracting cops, no upsetting the locals, etc. Especially do not upset the gardener, he carries an RPG, for killing weeds.
  • We have a group picture. Make sure to bring your cigarettes.
  • We vote on each vehicle, using approval voting.
  • We have an exclusive photo shoot with just the winner(s) with their cars.
  • We end the car meet with an impromptu race from La Fuenta Blanca to the Richman Mansion.
  • We continue with a short mafia themed playlist. Roofstone and Honki have already been working on a few really awesome jobs!
  • We end the evening with one or more of the new “In & Out” adversary missions.

If you have any further thoughts on the event, leave a comment below or on the forum.

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