Monthly Archives: May 2016

We had a smaller turnout this time around but still very pleasant event! First of all, thanks to everyone who joined: snack, flum, roof, nop, chobi, gloozy, kassz, and mattie! We gathered around the Yellow Jack Inn for a drink at the pub. Roof kindly asked the locals to leave […]

Crew bikers event: report & pictures

Thanks everyone who completed the doodle! The time of the “Bikers” event is fixed for Monday 23 May 8:30pm CET. The plan is as follows: Everyone must dress biker style. We will kick off with a biker meet at the Yellow Jack Inn just outside Sandy Shores. As usual, please […]

Crew event this Monday: Bikers

Finally, here’s the long overdue report of our mafia event! In a nutshell: it was wild and amazing!! We kicked off with a crew car meet as usual. A wide variety of mafia styles were represented, all the way from the 1920’s to modern day. Some cops showed up uninvitedly, […]

Crew mafia event: report & pictures

Just a quick announcement that I’ve created a steam group for the crew: It is a good way to keep in touch and interact with each other, and indispensable when discord and/or the in-game chat are failing. If you play on steam, please give a shout and we’ll send […]

Steam group page