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We had a smaller turnout this time around but still very pleasant event! First of all, thanks to everyone who joined: snack, flum, roof, nop, chobi, gloozy, kassz, and mattie! We gathered around the Yellow Jack Inn for a drink at the pub. Roof kindly asked the locals to leave […]

Crew bikers event: report & pictures

Thanks everyone who completed the doodle! The time of the “Bikers” event is fixed for Monday 23 May 8:30pm CET. The plan is as follows: Everyone must dress biker style. We will kick off with a biker meet at the Yellow Jack Inn just outside Sandy Shores. As usual, please […]

Crew event this Monday: Bikers

Finally, here’s the long overdue report of our mafia event! In a nutshell: it was wild and amazing!! We kicked off with a crew car meet as usual. A wide variety of mafia styles were represented, all the way from the 1920’s to modern day. Some cops showed up uninvitedly, […]

Crew mafia event: report & pictures

Just a quick announcement that I’ve created a steam group for the crew: It is a good way to keep in touch and interact with each other, and indispensable when discord and/or the in-game chat are failing. If you play on steam, please give a shout and we’ll send […]

Steam group page

I’m so pleased to announce that we have three new lieutenants in the crew: Gloozy, Roofstone, and Jeffrey!! All three have been extremely active in the crew, nurturing new recruits, creating great jobs for us to enjoy, and simply contributing to the full Ethical experience! Thank you so much, all […]

New lieutenants: Gloozy, Roofstone, and Jeffrey!