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Finally, here’s the long overdue report of our mafia event! In a nutshell: it was wild and amazing!! We kicked off with a crew car meet as usual. A wide variety of mafia styles were represented, all the way from the 1920’s to modern day. Some cops showed up uninvitedly, and fortunately roofstone managed to take swift and elegant care of the problem. A discussion and vote of each of the cars and outfits followed. Special mention to Katsoekske for originality as he equipped his car with a sticky bomb, and to Teger for wearing a pink shirt, staying true to Italian style. The overall winner was however beard, congratulations!!

We continued with an impromptu race, which was won by the usual suspect, roofstone. Well done once more, roof!! After some fun at the Richman mansion, we started our playlist, featuring 3 of Roofstone’s jobs specifically created for the event, as well as one by Honki and one by Kassz. It was pretty insane, with carnage everywhere. The highway battle resulted in 167 kills in 10 minutes. On average, that is one kill every 3.6 seconds!! It was so crazy that Katsoekske’s computer could not handle all the shooting and explosions anymore. Beard owned everyone with 24 kills and only 4 deaths. The overall winner of the playlist was… Beard again!! Congratulations Beard!!! We ended the evening with Kassz’s “OMG” – a pretty funny deathmatch where only a lucky few knew how to get their hands on some proper artillery, the remaining players having to do with knives and bats. Visceration never felt more satisfying. Finally we did one of the new In & Out matches that were just released that day. Roofstone had the beautiful strategy of surprising package collectors with a sticky in the face.

Below a large gallery of pictures of the event, as well as a video created by Gloozy (thanks so much for putting this together Gloozy!). Enjoy!

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