Crew event this Monday: Bikers

Thanks everyone who completed the doodle! The time of the “Bikers” event is fixed for Monday 23 May 8:30pm CET. The plan is as follows:

  • Everyone must dress biker style.
  • We will kick off with a biker meet at the Yellow Jack Inn just outside Sandy Shores. As usual, please park your vehicles in a nice line, no shooting, no attracting cops, no upsetting the locals, etc.
  • We have a group picture. Make sure to bring your middle finger.
  • We vote on each vehicle and outfit, using approval voting.
  • We have an exclusive photo shoot with just the winner(s).
  • We end the meet with an impromptu race.
  • We finish the evening with a short biker themed playlist. As usual, Roofstone has already been working on a few really awesome jobs! If you want to contribute your own, let me know and I will make sure the playlist includes it.

If you have any further thoughts on the event, leave a comment below or on the forum!

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