Crew bikers event: report & pictures 6

We had a smaller turnout this time around but still very pleasant event! First of all, thanks to everyone who joined: snack, flum, roof, nop, chobi, gloozy, kassz, and mattie! We gathered around the Yellow Jack Inn for a drink at the pub. Roof kindly asked the locals to leave the pub to make space for us. One crazy biker brought his racing bicycle, but that problem was quickly taken care of as well. A vote followed, with proud winners roof and nop! Congratulations both!!

Proud bikers.

We continued with an impromptu race which was won by kassz – well done buddy! We must mention that one of the locals sabotaged the race by running over snack right at the start. We are still looking to arrest the careless driver. The evening ended with a short but intense playlist. Sadly, with only 7 people for most of the evening, the missions were rather imbalanced, however that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun! The overall winner of the playlist was snack, well done!! Honorable mention to flum, kassz, and myself; despite being the underdogs throughout, amazingly we did manage to stay within 20 points of the winner.

It was once more a fun evening, and below are some pictures with the main highlights. Special thanks to roof for providing some of the footage! Enjoy!!

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