Monthly Archives: June 2016

Many thanks to all who joined: chobi, fluf, gloozy, jeffrey, kassz, rab, maxwellxam, mattie, nop, and snack! We kicked off with a car meet at Rockford City Hall. After admiring the stunning architecture of the place, jeffrey kindly mowed City Hall lawn with a large football. Kudos to jeffrey for […]

Crew Europe event: report & pictures

As a peaceful expression of consternation following a very recent event, and of course also as part of the football frenzy, our next event will be on the “Europe” theme. Thanks to everyone who completed the doodle! We’ll kick off this Tuesday 28 June at 9pm CET, and follow the […]

Crew event this Tuesday: Europe

We had a great time celebrating at the bachelor beach party – thanks everyone for joining: gloozy, honki, jeffrey, kassz, mattiejas, melike (our latest recruit – welcome!!), and nopitch! We started off with champagne on the golden luxor, followed by a drunk semi-rampage, where mattiejas was “accidently” hit by fireworks, […]

Crew I-LUV-U event: report & pictures