Crew event this Saturday: I-LUV-U Bachelor Beach Party 1

To celebrate a recent happy event, we’ve scheduled a beach party for this Saturday June 11th. Thanks everyone for completing the doodle! We’ll not have a car meet this time but instead we’ll be voting on outfits, so please bring your craziest beach outfit! Also make sure to bring lot’s of booze, we cannot have any sober souls by the end of the evening. I will bring my golden Luxor for champagne. As always, we’ll have some group pictures, followed by a vote (on outfits this time), an exclusive photo shoot of the winners, an impromptu pub walk ending at the Vanilla Unicorn, and then some beach themed activities. Honki has already been working on some dedicated jobs.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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One thought on “Crew event this Saturday: I-LUV-U Bachelor Beach Party

  • Rivlien

    I am working so I can’t be there.

    That is also why I am so little around these days, summertime is where the part timers earn the big bucks, since people are off on vacation, sorry! Hope you all have a great time!