Crew I-LUV-U event: report & pictures 7

We had a great time celebrating at the bachelor beach party – thanks everyone for joining: gloozy, honki, jeffrey, kassz, mattiejas, melike (our latest recruit – welcome!!), and nopitch! We started off with champagne on the golden luxor, followed by a drunk semi-rampage, where mattiejas was “accidently” hit by fireworks, resulting in a pretty bloody sight. We continued with a group photo and drink, and a general voting on outfits. Honorable mention to gloozy for an absolutely wildly smart suit:

Too much of everything.

However the overall winner was of course kassz! Sadly kassz collapsed from too much alcohol before I could take a proper picture:

Too much to drink.

We continued with a beach themed playlist. Of particular mention is Jeffrey’s amazing owning of everybody on Honki’s masterpiece deathmatch with a staggering K/D ratio of 3.20. Gloozy and mattiejas also managed to get top K/D ratios on another of rockstar’s deathmatches, much to their own surprise, even beating nop and honki. Surely there must have been a special star in the sky for this to happen! In the end Jeffrey won the playlist with a healthy lead, with honorable mention to mattiejas and kassz for 2nd and 3rd place.

Many thanks especially to honki for creating some of the jobs on the playlist. His “Bloody Beach” deathmatch is truly an amazing piece of art, so if you haven’t tried it yet, make sure to check it out:

Some highlights from the event below, enjoy!

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