Crew Europe event: report & pictures 4

Many thanks to all who joined: chobi, fluf, gloozy, jeffrey, kassz, rab, maxwellxam, mattie, nop, and snack! We kicked off with a car meet at Rockford City Hall. After admiring the stunning architecture of the place, jeffrey kindly mowed City Hall lawn with a large football. Kudos to jeffrey for the amazing effort to bring the ball over all the way from Sandy Shores, and to kassz for inspiring the idea. We had a vote on cars and outfits, with winners kassz & jeffrey – congratulations guys!

We continued with a playlist, starting off with Kassz football match. Snack kindly volunteered to be the ball – accidentally flattened by yours truly – apologies mate! At least the lawnmower kept working as the ball. We continued with an explosive bike race through the tunnels of Los Santos, followed by a package raid through the mountain tunnel. We then tested the first ever death match that I ever created, where the usual underdogs – in minority – managed to defeat the top of the gang, thanks to tactically placed tank manuevers by fluf, who achieved a K/D ratio of no less than 11.50!! Congratulations fluf, we’re so proud of you!! We finished the playlist with kassz’s Panto race, and ended the evening with a few adversary missions. All in all, the event was once more a blast. Congratulations to Jeffrey for winning the playlist, and special thanks to kassz for creating two of the jobs that we played – much appreciated!!

As always, some highlights below. Enjoy!

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