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Thanks to all who completed the doodle – we’re on for this Friday 9pm CET! Given the atrocities occurring all over the world that have affected pretty much every single person on the crew over the last few months, we will dedicate the next crew event to peace and togetherness. […]

Peace event this Friday

We had another nice event. Thanks to all who joined: cepa, fluffy, flum, honki, kassz, madred, mattie, nop, rab, and roof! We kicked off with a bratty meet in front of the Richman Mansion. A vote on outfits and vehicles ensued, with 3 people tied for the winning vote: congratulations […]

Spoilt brats: report & pictures

Thanks to everyone for completing the doodle: we’re on for Thursday 21 July 9pm CET!! This time, we’ll bring out the spoilt brat in ourselves! We’ll assemble at the Richman Mansion for the usual car & outfit show and voting, followed by a playlist. Roof has been working on a […]

Spoilt brats event this Thursday

We had another great event – thanks to everyone who joined – honki, jeffrey, johnnychimpo, nop, madred, mattie, p90, and roof! We started off at the Vanilla Unicorn for a despicable display of scoundrelism. Honorable mention to honki for an amazing imitation of Joker’s less popular cousin, and to roof […]

Scoundrel event: report & pictures

Roofstone as VIP: thanks! 7
I’m extremely proud to announce that we have a new commissioner in our crew: Roofstone!! First of all, thanks Roof for accepting the new position. We are enormously honoured to have someone of your stature among us. Roof’s kind friendly manners, combined with a cheeky sense of humour, are second […]

New commissioner: Roofstone!

Thanks to all for completing the doodle! We’re on for this Wednesday 13 July 9pm CET. Bring your scoundrel clothes, scoundrel vehicles, and your scoundrel buddies for a grand theft scoundrel unification! We’ll assemble in front of the Vanilla Unicorn for some group pictures, a car/outfit scoundrel contest with exclusive […]

Crew event this Wednesday: Scoundrel

The vintage event was once more a great success! First, thanks to everyone who joined: gloozy, jeffrey, kassz, kikko, madred, mattie, nop, p90, snack, rab, roof, and venjam1n! We started off with a vintage car meet on the pier, where everybody showed off their rusty rides and dusty clothes. Of […]

Crew vintage event: report & pictures

Thanks to everyone who completed the doodle! We’re confirmed for this Tuesday 5 July 9pm CET. Bring your vintage clothes, your vintage cars, and your vintage buddies. We’ll follow the usual plan, assembling on Del Perro Pier for some group pictures, a car/outfit vintage contest with exclusive photo shoot of […]

Crew event this Tuesday: Vintage