Crew vintage event: report & pictures

The vintage event was once more a great success! First, thanks to everyone who joined: gloozy, jeffrey, kassz, kikko, madred, mattie, nop, p90, snack, rab, roof, and venjam1n! We started off with a vintage car meet on the pier, where everybody showed off their rusty rides and dusty clothes. Of honourable mention are nop who impressed everyone with his beautiful new beard, kassz with his skis, and p90 with his badass number plate. The winner of the vote was however venjam1n, for a perfect Roger Moore imitation, along with the perfect Bond car. Roof kindly volunteered to be the Bond girl on duty. Congratulations venjam1n!! The winner photo shoot was interrupted by accidental fire caused by unintentional fireworks. On the plus side it made for a nice picture of the Bond car with flaming wheels:

We continued with an impromptu race. Police tried to intervene. Fastly and furiously, we got rid of them (thank you Lester!!). Congratulations kassz for winning the race!

We continued with a playlist. First, we re-enacted D-day on the beach off Avi’s island. We continued with an awesome vintage GTA Race through the canyon, created by roof. An old-fashioned duel ensured, again provided by roof, with an extremely impressive honourable traditional shooting between snack & nop to decide on the winner. Another one of roof’s amazing jobs followed, trying to deliver some money after a heist gone wrong. We ended with Broughy’s Grand Prix (accidently set to GTA mode by kassz; we’ll need to do this again in normal mode next time for sure!), and one of honki’s vintage mafia style deathmatches over the rooftops.

Special mention to madred, who joined our crew. Welcome buddy! Also special mention to roof for creating many of the great jobs that we’ve been playing in this and in other events. Finally, thanks to venjam1n for helping to provide some of the footage below.

Hope you enjoy the gallery! Venjam1n also kindly uploaded and indexed the twitch stream on his youtube channel, which I have linked below as well.

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