Scoundrel event: report & pictures 1

We had another great event – thanks to everyone who joined – honki, jeffrey, johnnychimpo, nop, madred, mattie, p90, and roof! We started off at the Vanilla Unicorn for a despicable display of scoundrelism. Honorable mention to honki for an amazing imitation of Joker’s less popular cousin, and to roof for bringing a proper exhibitionist outfit with “accommodating” van. The winners however were jeffrey, for showing up in a prison outfit with a stolen police car, and madred for his hitgirl outfit with matching car.

We continued with an impromptu race, won by nop with his racing bike. Honorable mention to roof for coming second in his very slow van!

The evening ended with a playlist consisting of crew jobs – three made by madred, and three made by roofstone. All of these were pretty amazing; some highlights can be seen below and on the twitch stream. Apologies for not having better quality screenshots this time around – unfortunately my usual high quality shadowplay recording had some technical issues. Amazingly, roofstone won every single job of the playlist – that’s certainly a first for anyone – so congratulations roof for an extremely impressive performance!!!

Enjoy the gallery!

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