Spoilt brats: report & pictures 4

We had another nice event. Thanks to all who joined: cepa, fluffy, flum, honki, kassz, madred, mattie, nop, rab, and roof! We kicked off with a bratty meet in front of the Richman Mansion. A vote on outfits and vehicles ensued, with 3 people tied for the winning vote: congratulations kassz, flum, and nop!

Special mention to nop for originality in bringing champagne and a luxury helicopter! Also special mention to roof for excellent butler role-playing.


We continued with the traditional impromptu race to Sandy Shores airfield, won by fluffy – congratulations!!

Next we started a playlist with jobs from various crew members, notably roof for a really great and tight deathmatch, a capture, a last team standing, and a race, all in the Richman area. Also thanks to honki for his capture, kassz for his updated football match, and madred for his liquor store shootout team deathmatch. It was exciting till the end, with madred winning the playlist at the very last second with an impressive score of 108, through truly bratworthy moves. With the very close 2nd and 3rd place, honourable mention also to nop and roof who were only one point behind the leader. Well done all!

Whilst the event was pretty fun, some frustration arose due to maybe the length of some of the jobs, or perhaps because in some aspects some jobs were too tricky or too unbalanced. This begs the question whether we want to change the format in some way, and maybe experiment with different sorts of events or different sorts of jobs that cover a wider range of the “fun” spectrum. Any constructive thoughts on this are very welcome and appreciated!

Anyway, below lot’s of highlights. Enjoy!!

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