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Thanks to all who completed the doodle! We’re on for this Monday 29 August 9pm CET. The plan is to chill on the beach, a bicycle contest (please bring your bicycle to the event!), a swimming contest, a run to the top of Mount Chilliad, maybe also a regatta, and […]

Vacation party this Monday

Another report on another very successful crew event!! Thanks to all who joined: chobi, fluffy, roofstone, mattiejas, beard, gloozy, kassz, klingeastwood, exar, nopitch, jeffrey, flummisen, and venjam1n! We started with a friendly BMX/bicycle meet in the ghetto. Exar impressed everyone with his BMX wall scaling skills! Some uninvited cops did […]

Car theft city: report & pictures

I’m super delighted to announce that we have a new commissioner in the crew: Gloozy!! Gloozy has been around engaging with the crew for almost as long as I’ve been playing GTA. We have all come to love his kind, friendly, and helpful ways. His engagement during crew events and […]

New commissioner: Gloozy!

Hope you are ready! There is a lot of work to do and only the best can win! Without any fluff, here is the car list: Red/Yellow/Blue Car (Counts as one, can be combined with others on the list) Stretch Limo Panto Blazer Bf Injection Chopper Bike Bravado Gauntlet Taco […]

Car theft city: car list

Alright you chumps! Here is a small writeup to go over the rules and plans for tomorrow. You’re all gathering on foot or bicycle, nothing motorized, in the ghetto for a small pre test. Make sure you dress properly thuggishly, you are a lowly car thief, nothing more. You’ll all […]

Car theft city: pre-post

This Sunday (tomorrow as I write this) at 9pm CET, we’ll have yet another crew event: we will be doing Roofstone’s “Car Theft City”!! A huge thanks to Roofstone for all the effort of putting this together. Basically, we will be doing a series of car stealing challenges in freemode, […]

Car theft city event this Sunday

We had another great event with lot’s of fun! Thanks to all who joined: jeffrey, honki, kassz, gloozy, venjam1n, roofstone, mathilya, mattiejas, whoismelike, 83427, and upeng! Also thanks to nopitch for watching and commenting on the live stream on twitch. After warming up on the training track, we completed two […]

Drifting masterclass: report & pictures

Thanks to everyone for completing the doodle! We’re on for this Tuesday at 9pm CET as usual. For the best experience, everyone is advised to get a custom Futo. If you don’t have one yet, you cannot buy it but it spawns quite easily, for example around this location: We […]

Drifting masterclass this Tuesday

We had an absolutely wonderful time – thanks to everyone who joined: beard, p90, mattie, nop, pixel, honki, madred, venjam1n, jeffrey, snowy, gfbfatih, exar, chrome, and kassz! We started off with a peaceful vote at the golf course, won by kassz, nop, and pixel – congratulations!! We then had some […]

Peace event: report & pictures