Peace event: report & pictures 5

We had an absolutely wonderful time – thanks to everyone who joined: beard, p90, mattie, nop, pixel, honki, madred, venjam1n, jeffrey, snowy, gfbfatih, exar, chrome, and kassz! We started off with a peaceful vote at the golf course, won by kassz, nop, and pixel – congratulations!!


We then had some fun jumping out of our golden luxors after having some champagne – special mention to exar for helping to set this up – and a few of us managed even to land on the ferris wheel for a few seconds! We then enjoyed the roller coaster, where red amazed us with some break dancing, and nop and venjam1n impressed us with their lack of knowledge of safety instructions.

We continued with a playlist consisting of three of red’s great races, a parachute jump, an awesome triathlon created by kassz, and the traditional Tour de Santos. Honki amazed everyone with a final score of 68 in the clear lead, with 2nd place to beard and 3rd place to venjam1n. Congratulations all! Special mention to nop for winning kassz’s triathlon, and jeffrey for almost winning the triathlon but dying on impact of his parachute landing.

Enjoy the footage below!!

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