Car theft city: report & pictures 3

Another report on another very successful crew event!! Thanks to all who joined: chobi, fluffy, roofstone, mattiejas, beard, gloozy, kassz, klingeastwood, exar, nopitch, jeffrey, flummisen, and venjam1n! We started with a friendly BMX/bicycle meet in the ghetto. Exar impressed everyone with his BMX wall scaling skills! Some uninvited cops did turn up to intervene at an unrelated gangster shoot-out.

We started with modding a vehicle found in-game, with a point to the first person to bring a vehicle (yay myself!!) and another point for the person who modded the nicest vehicle. Kassz was the proud winner with a beautiful golden lowrider!!

Car mod winner.

The main part of the event then ensued. We all tried to get vehicles from roofstone’s list, some a lot easier than others (we will now always weep in tears whenever we see a bus in freemode…), with interspersed challenges to make things really interesting. Congratulations to fluffy for holding the record of bringing the most cars! Also congratulations to flummisen, fluffy, nopitch, and jeffrey, for being the winning time, but especially to flummisen for driving home the final five points by successfully delivering roofstone’s ruiner to the fish! Special mention to nopitch for identifying an extremely creative method to bring cars with bodies for bonus points.

All in all it was an absolutely awesome event, very different from what we’ve been used to in the past, so a big big thanks to roofstone for making it all happen, with extra mention to flummisen for helping out roofstone with all the preparations and the artwork that went into this. Everyone will agree that we must certainly do this sort of event again!

Some footage below. You can also watch the archived live stream on twitch. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Car theft city: report & pictures

  • Roofstone

    It was really fun, and I am glad everyone liked the event despite the small hickup here and there. Thanks for helping me make our first non-playlist event into a successful one! And thanks to Matt for writing the report, he is a much better writer than me and thanks to his shadowplay he got a lot more picture opportunities.

    A+ to everyone involved for a superb event, you’re all great!

  • Gloozy

    Thanks a lot for the report Mattie, some pictures are really nice. It was a nice party, for sure. Thanks again to Roof for the great idea and your personal investment for the preparation of the event. I had a good time.