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Thanks to all who did the doodle. We’re on for Tuesday 4 October 9pm CET, which is the same day that the new bikers DLC comes out. So let’s have some zombie and biker fun! We’ll do a zombies versus living challenge – you may remember roofstone setting this up […]

Bikers & zombies this Tuesday

Roofstone biking into the night. 5
This post reports on a 24 hours in-game (1 hour in real life) trip of one of our honorable crew members, Roofstone. It was in front of a humble dwelling in East Los Santos that I met up with Roofstone. Her house was filled with movie posters, ageing furniture, and […]

Roof’s rhapsody

We had another awesome crew party! Thanks to all who joined: jeffrey, exar, nop, swoopec, mattiejas, gloozy, myst, flo, kassz, p90, and mathilya! We started off with a superhero meet at the Vinewood cinema, led by supermom. Some random explosions scratched jeffrey’s car, but otherwise this time around we had […]

Superheros: report & pictures

Thanks to all for completing the doodle. We’re all going to be a superhero this Friday at 9pm CET! Bring your superhero outfits and superhero cars for a vote, followed by some superhero activities. We may try the gate glitch to bring about the superman in us, a superhero race […]

Superheros party this Friday

We had another great fun-loaded event! Thanks to all who joined: 83, nop, gloozy, honki, mattie, jeffrey, mathilya, raijinbear, and kassz! We started off trashing the boss’s apartment on Alta Street. Drunken craziness ensued, and my honorable lady friend Chastity kindly joined the party to ensure a good flight. Once […]

Flying high: report & pictures

We’re on for this Friday 16 September (that’s tomorrow as I am writing this)! Thanks as usual to all who have completed the doodle. We’ll start the party at my apartment to get mentally prepared. Then we’ll take our Hydra’s (or other specialty planes if you have any!) to the […]

Flying high event this Friday

Once more many thanks to all who joined our party: axel, kassz, flum, mattie, roof, gloozy, mathilya, andytoxynator, and jeffrey! We started out with our goofy nerdy outfits at the Lifeinvader sign for a nice group picture. We continued with our nerdy playlist. First in the list was roofstone’s bicycle […]

Nerds event: report & pictures

Thanks to all who completed the doodle. We will kick off this Sunday 11 September at the usual time of 9pm CET. Bring your nerdy outfit, your nerdy attitude, and your nerdy friends! Who will be the ubernerd of the evening?! If you have any ideas for the event, leave […]

Nerds event this Sunday

Here is finally the report on the vacation party that we had last week! First of all, many thanks to everyone who joined: snack, roofstone, kassz, mattiejas, jeffrey, honki, vix, nop, devonor, flum, gloozy, fluffy, and cepa! A great turn-out indeed!! The event started with roof’s delivery of our private […]

Vacation party: report & pictures