Vacation party: report & pictures

Here is finally the report on the vacation party that we had last week! First of all, many thanks to everyone who joined: snack, roofstone, kassz, mattiejas, jeffrey, honki, vix, nop, devonor, flum, gloozy, fluffy, and cepa! A great turn-out indeed!! The event started with roof’s delivery of our private toilet on the beach: for when the need is greatest, such conveniences are indispensable. After some potty training (and fending off the usual uninvited cops – somehow they always find out about our parties, have we been infiltrated by Los Santos’s finest?!), we did a bicycle race to Sandy Shores lake, won by yours truly, closely followed by nop. We then crossed the lake in a swimming race, won by honki, with flum coming in a tight second place.

Next we took our vacation bus to the mountains, where we bonded with the people of the Altruist Cult; for some obscure reason they started shooting at us. Fending them off, we did a quick running race to the antenna on a nearby mountain, won by honki (again!) and roof. A zombies vs. living challenge ensued, where roof, gloozy, and myself had to survive for 10 minutes. Great fun ensued!!

A playlist finished off the evening: a regatta – won by roof, and two versus games. Three players ended tied in first position: snack, nop, and honki. Well done guys!!

You can watch the stream of the event on twitch. Below are some highlights. Enjoy!

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