Flying high: report & pictures 4

We had another great fun-loaded event! Thanks to all who joined: 83, nop, gloozy, honki, mattie, jeffrey, mathilya, raijinbear, and kassz!

We started off trashing the boss’s apartment on Alta Street. Drunken craziness ensued, and my honorable lady friend Chastity kindly joined the party to ensure a good flight. Once everybody flew sufficiently high, we moved to the airport, where we tried a trick resulting in a tank and an insurgent catapulted far into the air. After an insane group photo on top of kassz’s hydra, we started the playlist.

The first job was a commercial jet air race (we missed you, beard!!), where your honorable leader managed to take the lead and win the race, from the last starting place. Next we did a stunt race, impressively won by mathilya. We continued with kassz’s “f(l)ight club”, where kassz and myself proudly ended up being the last two standing in the ring! A jets versus rpgs deathmatch ensued. Quite unbalanced in favour of those on the platform, but really fun! Honki impressed everyone with a special move trying to approach us unseen through a parachute jump. Finally we did gloozy’s stunt plane air race, won once more by yours truly (it was my lucky day!!). Raijin impressed all by trying to do the race in a Cuban 800 – slower than the stunt planes. Poor jeffrey got caught by an evil checkpoint… We ended the playlist with a parachute job, won once more by mathilya, almost tied with raijin who got the second place with only 5 points difference.

This time we had two winners of the playlist: mathilya and myself! A technical issue didn’t count the first two jobs, but I double checked, and in the first two jobs both mathilya and myself got 1st and 5th positions, swapped, so we still would have had the tied win even if the playlist would not have gotten interrupted. Amazing!! Well done mathilya!!!

You can see the archived live stream of the event on twitch. Below are some highlights. Enjoy!

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