Superheros: report & pictures 2

We had another awesome crew party! Thanks to all who joined: jeffrey, exar, nop, swoopec, mattiejas, gloozy, myst, flo, kassz, p90, and mathilya!

We started off with a superhero meet at the Vinewood cinema, led by supermom. Some random explosions scratched jeffrey’s car, but otherwise this time around we had only very few uninvited guests spawned by the game. A vote ensued on outfits and cars, won by gloozy, playing as the prisoner from the similarly named TV series, and exar for a really awesome superhero look. Well done both! Honorable mention to kassz for coming as himself (he is a superhero already!), and jeffrey for a great James Bond look with matching car.


We then had a quick impromptu race to the golf course, won by nop. Good job nop! Next, we did an insane freemode sky dive over Paleto bay, where exar led us to a really fun jump glitch site. All superheros were instantly turned into supermen and superwomen!

We then continued with our playlist. We started with the forest stunt race, followed by kassz’s boxing match, and honki’s “truck push ramp”, to end with Rockstar’s three team postal capture. It was loads of fun, with a lot of very close and exciting battles, but the winner of the evening was gloozy!! Well done my friend! Honorable mention to jeffrey for coming in second place with just one point short.

You can watch the event on twitch, and you can also find some highlights below. Enjoy!

If you have any ideas for the next crew event, please give a shout below or in the forums!

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