Bikers & zombies this Tuesday 3

Thanks to all who did the doodle. We’re on for Tuesday 4 October 9pm CET, which is the same day that the new bikers DLC comes out. So let’s have some zombie and biker fun! We’ll do a zombies versus living challenge – you may remember roofstone setting this up during one of our previous crew events. Basically, we’ll divide up in teams (each consisting of say 3 or 4 people), where each team has to try to survive for 10 minutes against all other teams. The living will get a 40 second head start. The living can use everything at their disposal to defend themselves. The zombies can only use their bare hands as well as cars, helicopters, airplanes, but they cannot use weapons. Tanks are forbidden however as it is too easy to kill someone by driving into them with a tank.

Following that, we’ll enjoy whatever the new DLC will have to offer. Biker teams can consist of up to 8 people, so we’ll see with how many we are. We may split into two biker teams if we’re more than 8, possibly enjoying also some biker versus biker missions if any, or just go about our own business. We’ll just see how it works out on the evening.

Hope to see everyone there!

(PS. Thanks to nopitch for creating the headline picture!)

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