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We had another smashing party with record turnout. Thanks to exar bringing a few friends, we were with no less than 21, a new record!! Thank you all who joined: geg, p90, dante, ven, nerd, zaoc, titan, enma, vitor, yuizen, mattiejas, mathilya, jeffrey, exar, odyssey, snack, gloozy, nop, kassz, mony, […]

Halloween party: report & pictures

I’m extremely pleased to announce that we have replenished once more our Lieutenant ranks: mathilya has kindly agreed to take up the new role. Mathilya joined us back in May, and has recently been more and more active in the crew to become a well valued and truly respected ethical […]

New lieutenant: mathilya!

Thanks to all who completed the doodle. We’re on for this Saturday at 9pm CET as usual! Bring your scary outfits and your melee weapons. We’ll probably start with an outfit vote (we haven’t had one in a long time!), and then continue with a Halloween themed playlist. If you […]

Halloween party this Saturday

Featured image isn’t punk but it could be what our children will think is punk! ^^ Thanks to all who joined the event: off the top of my head, we had gloozy, nop, dante, jeffrey, chobi, madred, mathilya, p90, kassz, myst, and monyny; sorry if I’m forgetting anyone! Sadly I […]

Punk party: report without pictures

We’re on for some punk this evening at 9pm CET! Visit your scary hairdresser, pick up that dusty society defying outfit. Let’s unite at the railway station (near the power station) for a punk tour of destruction through Los Santos, before we set off expressing our protest in a punky […]

Punk party this evening

We had another awesome event with really large turnout this time. Thanks to all who joined us this time: monyny, jeffrey, madred, mattiejas, mathilya, kassz, honki, gloozy, nopitch, myst, wickedestsound, 83427, venjamin, and p90210! We kicked off at Grove Street in our classic outfits. Cops and gangs tried to interfere, […]

GTA classic event: report & pictures

The show must go on. 6
I’m honoured to announce that we have another lieutenant: 83427 has kindly agreed to take up the position. We all know 83 for his great forum threads, and especially for his wonderful taste in music, hardware, fast bikes, and women! Glad to have you on the lieutenant team, 83!!

New lieutenant: 83427!

As always, thanks to all who completed the doodle! We’re on for Saturday 15 October (tomorrow!) 9pm CET. Please dress up as your favourite non-protagonist GTA character from one of the older GTA games. If you want to be really original you could also pick a character from Bully, Manhunt, […]

GTA classic party tomorrow

We had another great event, thanks first to all who joined: chobi, roof, jeffrey, madred, flo, mathilya, mattiejas, p90, gloozy, fluffy, nop, and venjam1n! We started off exploring the new “biker deal” mission, where roof managed to get to the deal first, closely followed by jeffrey, nop, and gloozy. After […]

Bikers & zombies: report & pictures