We have a new Lieutenant: MadRedDead! 7

I’m so pleased to announce that we have a new Lieutenant: MadRedDead! We all know Red from his mad jobs, his mad buzzard skills which are second to none (be sure to have a disposable waterproof bag with you when you fly with him), and his ever crazy yet lovely way of doing things. Thank you Red for helping the crew to become the success it is today!

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7 thoughts on “We have a new Lieutenant: MadRedDead!

    • MadRed

      Thanks Gloozy. For this kind comment, I won’t kill you if you take control of my missiles when I m flying a buzzard. Instead I will drop you off on some small island and make you swim ashore. 😀

      You still have to watch out around my helicopter though. One wrong move and you could get caught in the blades.

      That’d be nasty.

  • MadRed

    I m honored. Thanks Mattie 🙂

    As your newly appointed liutenant here’s a friendly warning and a few advices:

    If I m piloting a buzzard attack heli and if you are sitting right next to me, please do not press “E” and take over the damn missile controls. Doing so will make me mad and cause me making a 180 degree quick spin. You will probably end up catching a very high centrifugal force and getting hurled out of the helicopter. If the earth’s gravity doesn’t get you, my rotor blades will.

    Also please take caution when approaching the helicopter. If you are on an elevated position, don’t jump over the rotor blades. I like the black color with my heli. Blood is red and looks like crap on a helicopter.

    If I m making weird moves on the ground while piloting, wait for a few seconds before you hop in. The blades at the back may cut your face.

    Just kidding. I won’t kill you. Because the damn friendly fire will probably be turned off.

    Love y’all. Stay safe.

    Ps: The new buzzard without the missiles and miniguns sucks ass. So when we are riding on it, whoever is on the sides should get ready with a rocket launcher and machine gun.