GTA classic party tomorrow 4

As always, thanks to all who completed the doodle! We’re on for Saturday 15 October (tomorrow!) 9pm CET. Please dress up as your favourite non-protagonist GTA character from one of the older GTA games. If you want to be really original you could also pick a character from Bully, Manhunt, or another Rockstar game. We will try to do some classic style inspired missions, such as racing with taxis, fire trucks, or ambulances for mini game nostalgia. Perhaps raid on Fort Zancudo for some good old style GTA rampage fun, a boat deathmatch as in the GTA 4 ending, and possibly a cops versus gangsters deathmatch for good memory of GTA San Andreas. If you have any specific jobs or freemode challenges that you want including, please give a shout below in the comments!

Special thanks to Jeffrey for suggesting the theme.

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