GTA classic event: report & pictures 5

We had another awesome event with really large turnout this time. Thanks to all who joined us this time: monyny, jeffrey, madred, mattiejas, mathilya, kassz, honki, gloozy, nopitch, myst, wickedestsound, 83427, venjamin, and p90210!

We kicked off at Grove Street in our classic outfits. Cops and gangs tried to interfere, and soon both were discouraged appropriately. A fashion show ensued, with honourable mention to jeffrey and venjam1n for the Lance Vance twin act, madred for a sexy impression of Misty, p90210 for a mad impression of Maria, and brownie points for Honki for unintentionally really looking like Claude. We then moved to raid Fort Zancudo in our Valkyries. Chaos ensued!

We continued with a short but fun playlist. We started with a taxi derby, i.e. push-each-other-from-the-platform deathmatch. Next we did a long but amazingly fun race created by jeffrey. The drag bikes dominated the race, although mathilya managed to get within 10 seconds of the first place with just a Bati 801RR, not bad at all on a 7 minute race! Madred managed to beat pro racer myst to the first place, well done mad! We ended with a great and well-balanced deathmatch on the large boat at the docking area, where jeffrey found a wonderful sniping spot in good tradition. Myst got an amazing K/D ratio of 3.00 with 18 kills and only 6 deaths. The overall winner of the playlist was madred – well done buddy!

We ended the evening with some random biker stuff, where some of us tested the magical physics of darts, it’s a very funny feeling to have them fly straight through your head.

Some pictures below, and apologies for the poor quality of some of them as I accidentally forgot to turn on my shadowplay to ensure quality footage. 🙁 Better luck next time. The archived live stream can also be seen on twitch. Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “GTA classic event: report & pictures

    • mattiejas Post author

      Fair enoug. 🙂 It’s still very impressive mathilya – you have a lot more control when leaning forward than when wheeling, and there were constant turns in the race, so I’d think that a drag bike would normally beat a Bati in such circumstances. Anyway, yes we could try an endurance race – am I understanding correctly that that’s basically doing like a race with say 10 or 20 laps? Never did such stuff myself, but could be fun. Broughy has some really awesome well balanced tracks that might be suitable for this.

      • mathilya

        I had that customized HDrag bike but i intentionally picked Bati, because of big amount of corners in this track. Moreover, I carried out a test in which i compared Bati 801RR and Hakuchou Drag on track “Route 68”, created by Rockstar. And the 1st one was 0,917 faster than the second one. I know, it all depends on wheeling time and my personal mistakes when driving but still, I feel like Bati is better, as it can take sharp turns more easily than HDrag (and price of both bikes is uncomparable :P). The competition shown, however, i was wrong about ignoring HDrag’s cornering properties. Anyways, that probable endurance race doesn’t have to be 10-20 laps as IMHO it might be flat and booooring. I was thinking about 5+ laps on long circuit around north LS / south Blaine County area (Great Chapparal, Vinewood etc.) in order to make the track differential and challenging. About vechicle class, it might be everything fast, like Sports, Super or Bikes. And no knockout time, as it will ruin the whole fun 😉 This is only my idea, but I’m awared that some crew members might not like it.

        • mattiejas Post author

          I agree, 5 laps on a really interesting long track might be preferable to 20 laps of a short track. Probably indeed not everybody’s thing but I think there will be quite a few that will be interested in doing something like this.

          Yeah, folks on Drags beat me on my Akuma (which is pretty similar to the Bati as far as I can tell) all the time. I understand that you have to get used to breaking quite a lot when taking corners. The handling of the Drag is quite unusual. Haven’t bought one yet; besides the crazy price, it looks too ugly IMO. 😀

        • MadRed

          it was a great event. I wanted to point it out first and thank everyone who joined. About Drag’s cornering abilities… I used breaks a lot. Tried to do what you would when playing MotoGP. I went wide and cut in tight turns and then leaned forward to make up for lost speed. But I ve been riding the drag bike non-stop for more than a week before the crew event. So I was pretty used to it’s handling properties. Let me tell you though. Now I m used to riding the drag bike, I just can’t ride other bikes. I mean the acceleration and the handling of other bikes now feels weird to me. Doing wheelies to gain speed just feels ridiculous. The addition of drag bike was spot on by rockstar I ll give them that. I hope they give the same speed gain for other bikes and change the way they cut corners to make it realistic. Because currently, it feels like driving a car when taking corners with the old bikes lol. That’s just me though.