Punk party: report without pictures 3

Featured image isn’t punk but it could be what our children will think is punk! ^^

Thanks to all who joined the event: off the top of my head, we had gloozy, nop, dante, jeffrey, chobi, madred, mathilya, p90, kassz, myst, and monyny; sorry if I’m forgetting anyone! Sadly I wasn’t able to join myself due to technical problems with my computer (which I hope to have fixed soon!), so gloozy kindly offered to host and to stream the event. So here’s a quick report from memory of the stream, again I apologize if I’m missing something!

The party kicked off on the train around Los Santos, where chaos ruled, madred and p90 found new original ways to board the plane. The party continued with a punk style deathmatch around Grove Street, with an extremely close finish of 28 versus 29. Gloozy impressed everyone with his sticky bomb throwing accuracy, resulting in a grand mess of flying body parts. A few races followed, where mathilya did an amazing job in repeatedly beating everyone. The obstacle race was particularly crazy. The playlist was won by none other than mathilya with a 10 point lead over myst in 2nd place, and a 17 point lead over gloozy in 3rd place – well done all. A very impressive and well deserved win, mathilya!!

If you want to see some footage, please check out gloozy’s twitch recording of the event. I’m sorry this time to have no further footage, however do not despair: we will hold a punk v2.0 party on popular request – myself, 83, raijin, esmee, and wickedest, have already expressed strong interest. For next week, we’ll first hold a Halloween party; keep an eye out on the forum for the doodle!

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