Halloween party this Saturday 2

Thanks to all who completed the doodle. We’re on for this Saturday at 9pm CET as usual! Bring your scary outfits and your melee weapons. We’ll probably start with an outfit vote (we haven’t had one in a long time!), and then continue with a Halloween themed playlist. If you have any ideas for jobs to add to the playlist (bearing in mind they should ideally accommodate 20 or more players, although 16 is probably also going to be ok), please leave a comment below. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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2 thoughts on “Halloween party this Saturday

  • mathilya

    We can try that new Slipstream adversary mode for 16 players. I know, it is a kind of race but actually, cooperation (not racing skills) is crucial in order to win. Everyone has the same bike and it’s possible to knock rivals off their vechicles by using a wrench 😛 There are 7 different tracks to choose, each lap of them takes about 3-5 minutes to complete. This is only my suggestion though, and hope other participants would enjoy that mode too.