Halloween party: report & pictures 2

We had another smashing party with record turnout. Thanks to exar bringing a few friends, we were with no less than 21, a new record!! Thank you all who joined: geg, p90, dante, ven, nerd, zaoc, titan, enma, vitor, yuizen, mattiejas, mathilya, jeffrey, exar, odyssey, snack, gloozy, nop, kassz, mony, and vixienne. I think I did not forget anyone but if I did, my apologies!

We started with a vote on outfits and cars, and we had a very colorful participation indeed. Congratulations to dante, zoac, and venjamin for getting no less than 7 votes. The winner however was p90 with 8 votes, for a “Baron Samedi” outfit and a matching hearse with zombie in the back.

Baron Samedi.

Honorable mention also to gloozy for bringing some erotica in the back of his van (I think there was some confusion about the theme, but don’t worry gloozy, I promise that we’ll have a suitably themed party around February 🙂 ).

We then started a playlist. We started with a pretty crazy deathmatch with many dark corners, knives and axes. We continued with a deathmatch high between the skyscrapers where we had to beat each other to the ground, or off the platform. We then continued with a Halloween themed stunt race, and ended with a team deathmatch on the graveyard. The winner of the playlist was nopitch, with snack and myself tied in 2nd place. Congratulations, nop!

Enjoy some pictures from the party below. You can also see the live stream on twitch here.

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2 thoughts on “Halloween party: report & pictures

  • mathilya

    Just a few words,

    I had a great fun on that event and the biggest amount of players yet made it even more amazing. Moreover, I think there was another record. I guess I was the one, who broke crew record in worst K/D ratio in 2nd deathmatch (exactly 0.25 :P). I can only wish there will be even more of us on next event.

    And suprisingly, my voice on Discord was (at some point) even better than I expected <>

    • mattiejas Post author

      Thanks mathilya! I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’ve certainly beaten your 0.25 on deathmatches for worst K/D ratio on quite many embarrassing occasions. 🙂 Yeah your voice is just fine, no more problems: simply keep that sensitivity low enough and it’s great.