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We had another awesome evening. Thanks to all who joined: melike, geg, mathilya, exar, kass, mattiejas, jeffrey, dante, p90, mon, raijin, gloozy, lorsch, rab, and stoic! We started off with a meet at the army base entrance, where craziness ensued, cops and random military NPCs starting to shoot at us […]

Army training: report & pictures

Do you want to learn how to walk, talk, eat, drink, sleep, shoot, and shit like real a Los Santos soldier? Then ready your camouflage outfits, brothers, make up your bunk, clean your gun, and stand tall, because it’s gonna get tough! Real tough. We’re on for this Saturday at […]

Army training this Saturday

The tourist party was a blast! Thanks to all who joined: geg, mon, mathilya, lorsch, kassz, mattie, nop, jeffrey, chobi, gloozy, 83, venjam1n, dante, melike, and honki!! We started at the Los Santos Transit bus station, and after fixing an unfortunate problem with an accidental sticky bomb, we headed for […]

Obnoxious tourist rampage report

We’re on for this Saturday 19 November 9pm CET! Thanks to all who completed the doodle as usual, and thanks to mathilya once more for suggesting a fun theme! We’ll do things a bit differently than usual. Please come dressed as a tourist! Just to be clear: please don’t bring […]

Tourist party this Saturday

We had another great party. Thanks to all who joined: dante, geg, p90, wicked, kassz, mathilya, nop, jeffrey, mattiejas, mon, gloozy, fluffy, and exar! We started with an amazing car and outfit vote, where everybody did their utmost best, nobody getting less than 5 votes!! The winners of the contest […]

Colourful 80’s: report & pictures

We’re on for this Sunday 9pm CET! Thanks to all who completed the doodle as usual. Also thanks to mathilya for suggesting the topic. We’ll gather on the promenade to kick off with a car meet and outfit vote. Since the punk movement fits very much with the 80’s, you […]

Colourful 80’s party this Sunday

I’d like to express my thanks to roof, snack, and honki, for having served as commissioner and/or lieutenant on the crew for such a long time, building up and shaping the crew in the early days, helping with the website (especially snack and roof!), and generally for all the support […]

Thank you Snack, Roofstone, and Honki

We had another great event. Many thanks to all who joined: exar, venjamin, 83, dante, mon, mattie, gloozy, kassz, mathilya, and jeffrey! We started on the train having some fun with the cops through a CEO “most wanted” challenge. Once everyone had joined, we attempted a group picture which was […]

Punk power party: report & pictures

Let’s reiterate our earlier punk party, to mourn an old dead PSU, and celebrate the arrival of its replacement! Once more you can visit your scary hairdresser and pick up that dusty society defying outfit. Let’s unite on whatever train we can grab for a punk tour of destruction through […]

Punk power party this evening