Thank you Snack, Roofstone, and Honki 9

I’d like to express my thanks to roof, snack, and honki, for having served as commissioner and/or lieutenant on the crew for such a long time, building up and shaping the crew in the early days, helping with the website (especially snack and roof!), and generally for all the support you’ve provided, in words, and in actions. The memories of all the time spent together fills me with very warm fuzzy feelings. It certainly is a blast having you guys around.

But life moves on, and so do the things that we want to, or have to, spend our time on. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope to see each of active in the crew again some day, maybe for GTA 6, or maybe even earlier – who knows! If you ever can spare a moment to join us for one of the crew events, it will always be a pleasure to see you guys around, for everyone.

Thank you so much!!!!!

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