Colourful 80’s: report & pictures 7

We had another great party. Thanks to all who joined: dante, geg, p90, wicked, kassz, mathilya, nop, jeffrey, mattiejas, mon, gloozy, fluffy, and exar! We started with an amazing car and outfit vote, where everybody did their utmost best, nobody getting less than 5 votes!! The winners of the contest were dante – for a really awesome 80s jacket with matching muscle car – and nopitch – for the bright pink throwsers and matching sports car. Sadly dante made a run for it so we have no picture of the winners together, but you can get some separate pictures from them in the gallery at the bottom of this post. Honourable mention to gloozy for matching nop’s outfit, and a really cool vacation car.

We then had an impromptu race, which was won by mon who cleverly brought a helicopter to the car meet. I also apologize to everyone if I accidentally rammed you with my truck (it was very hard to see what’s behind me in those mirrors 😉 ).

We then continued with our playlist. An epic moment was kassz’s bicycle stunt race – some really nice bicycle jumps ensued helped with the green accelerator bars. Pictures however speak louder than words, just look at the footage below! Mathilya once more won the playlist, closely followed by myself (how I did that I still don’t know!), and exar in 3rd place. Well done mathilya!!!

We ended with some fun on the rides at the funfair.

You can also see the live stream from myself and from gloozy. Enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “Colourful 80’s: report & pictures

  • mathilya

    Well, that crew event theme was suggested by me so I feel obliged to comment first 😛

    First of all, I think that the amount of games in the playlist was just perfect. I know, it is hard to find so many races/deathmatches matching the theme. IMHO, greater number of games and their variety made the battle for 1st place even more interesting. Moreover, we had more time to play together. But, it really doesn’t matter who wins the playlist – it’s all about having fun and enjoying playing with Ethical players (like His Majesty Mattiejas who slowed down on last race to let me catch up with him and win the playlist…).

    As someone, who suggested event theme, I would love to hear your opinions about it as well. Although I didn’t create the playlist I feel responsible for any thoughts (positive or negative) on mentioned above theme. I hope you enjoyed our event like me and love to see you again on next events 😉

  • 83427

    sorry i didnt come. i had some problems with connection since the morning. and if you are 8x or 9x disconnected in one day, you have no mood to do anything. i missed fluffy 🙁 didnt see him for a looooong time

  • mattiejas Post author

    The girls… yes, it’s very hard to live with being so sexy. It can’t be helped. They look angry but in fact they are really just extremely excited to see me.