Tourist party this Saturday 3

We’re on for this Saturday 19 November 9pm CET! Thanks to all who completed the doodle as usual, and thanks to mathilya once more for suggesting a fun theme! We’ll do things a bit differently than usual. Please come dressed as a tourist! Just to be clear: please don’t bring any special car as we’ll all go with the bus, and we are not planning to have an outfit vote this time.

Our bus will start from the Dashound Bus Center near Textile City. We’ll take a tour through Los Santos, and visit the secret mine for hunting an easter egg (details will be revealed on the day!). We then plan to get drunk at the Yellow Jack Inn to take a nice fitting picture for a postcard entitled “Greetings from SA”). Finally we’ll go for tour into the wild and visit my human loving brothers and sisters up in the mountains. We’ll try to keep the bus on track throughout (anyone remember “The Italian Job”?).

For our playlist, we will do some boxing (Kassz’s famous job), and do a mix of races and deathmatches near epic locations such as Mount Chilliad, Fort Zancudo, and so on.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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