Obnoxious tourist rampage report 4

The tourist party was a blast! Thanks to all who joined: geg, mon, mathilya, lorsch, kassz, mattie, nop, jeffrey, chobi, gloozy, 83, venjam1n, dante, melike, and honki!! We started at the Los Santos Transit bus station, and after fixing an unfortunate problem with an accidental sticky bomb, we headed for our first challenge of the evening at the abandoned mine shaft. The first person to find mattie’s bicycle inside the mine, and to drive it successfully out of the mine, would win the challenge. Geg was fortunate to go the right way, and skillfully evaded all assaults to drive out of the mine just in time before being shot by our new commissioner kassz. Well done geg!

Next we went for a pisswasser stop at the Yellow Jack Inn. Things started peacefully until someone ordered a barbecue. Shooting, darting, farting, and drinking ensued. It is almost a miracle that everyone managed to climb up the roof of the inn for a group picture. After losing the cops, we drove on into the mountains to see our naked brothers and sisters. They must have forgotten about us since our last visit, because they immediately started shooting. How rude. We took our peacekeepers and quickly reestablished the peace. Cops did try to interfere with our peaceful gathering but did not come very close and we kept them at bay. After sniffing the moonlit night air, we went down in the bus to Paleto Bay beach, where kassz had a surprise for us and blew us all up “for the greater cause of his movie” :)

After messing around on the beach, we went to the yacht for more drinking and debauchery. I don’t remember much of what happened afterwards, but eventually we started a playlist.

The first job was a race by renowned job creator cyclopic. Bonus points to nop for losing the race due to still being so drunk. But congratulations to venjamin who won the race in a ruiner, with no less than 20 seconds ahead mathilya in his dominator – very impressive! Next we did a quick deathmatch along the tourist trail, where mathilya amazed everyone with a K/D ration of 9.0!!! You can’t ever fool us again by telling us that deathmatches aren’t really your thing, mathilya. :) We continued with kassz’s boxing match, a parachute jump into Zancudo, a bicycle race, and a standard bike race with a lot of sharp corners where most of us just kept smashing into things and into each other during the entire wild chase.

An impressive performance by venjam1n, who won the playlist with no less than 77 points, followed by kassz and honki who had 61 and 58 points. Amazing gap indeed!! This earns venjam1n a spot as player of the week on our steam group.

To finish off the evening, we did kassz’s triatlon, which was won by melike. Amazing battering skills there melike, well done!!!

The live stream is here, and the highlights are below. Enjoy.

I’m already looking forward to our next event!

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4 thoughts on “Obnoxious tourist rampage report

  • mathilya

    First of all, congratulations to Venjam1n for that impressive win – that was astonishing perfomance, 16 points advantage on 6-stage playlist is just outstanding ;)

    Next, thanks for kind words about my K/D ratio – I can see that it’s good to play chicken sometimes and flee away from gunfight :P Looking forward to our next events and as theme suggestion was mine, I can only hope you enjoyed it as much as me :D

    • mattiejas Post author

      Oh so that’s the trick, next time I’ll try just that: become one with the chicken… thanks for sharing this amazing deathmatch trick, will be put to the test! :D