Army training this Saturday 12

Do you want to learn how to walk, talk, eat, drink, sleep, shoot, and shit like real a Los Santos soldier? Then ready your camouflage outfits, brothers, make up your bunk, clean your gun, and stand tall, because it’s gonna get tough! Real tough.

We’re on for this Saturday at 9pm CET as usual. We would love to assemble inside Fort Zancudo but sadly due to a game bug some of our crew members are identified as enemies of the state. Perhaps the game has figured out about our real nationalities! To avoid any confusion over who’s in charge, we’ll assemble near fort Zancudo just at the monument with the jets in front of the bridge entrance, for a 5 mile morning run – rain or shine – to the army clubhouse for a good game of arm wrestling with plenty of booze and other substances. We’ll then do some army challenges. Maybe we’ll also to a tank race (ready your turrets for extra boost). Any further ideas, just shoot!

Thanks to all who completed the doodle, and many thanks to Dante for suggesting the theme!

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