Army training: report & pictures 2

We had another awesome evening. Thanks to all who joined: melike, geg, mathilya, exar, kass, mattiejas, jeffrey, dante, p90, mon, raijin, gloozy, lorsch, rab, and stoic! We started off with a meet at the army base entrance, where craziness ensued, cops and random military NPCs starting to shoot at us for no reasons, but eventually we managed to calm things down for a nice group picture and a disciplined military crew walk in a beautiful line. We then tried to overtake the control tower, with mixed success! We then continued with our playlist.

Kassz made a boxing match especially for the occasion, where mon and gloozy pulled off a really interesting ending by punching each other out simultaneously! We continued with honki’s bloody deathmatch on the beach, a crazy GTA race and a tank last team standing deathmatch, both inside Fort Zancudo and both made by kassz especially for the occasion. After a quick parachute jump, which was impressively won by p90, we had a shot at each other with jets. Some of us tried to hide but to no avail! We then continued with one of roofstone’s military themed captures, a standard rockstar deathmatch in Fort Zancudo where raijin gets the trophy for suicide of the week by trying to do a kamikaze crash with a Titan! Madred’s terrorist deathmatch followed, and we ended with the ever so fun “push the trucks from the ramp” deathmatch that honki once introduced to us a long time ago.

The winner of the playlist was mathilya once more, with stoic and raijin a mere 3 points behind mathilya – well done all three of you!! In fact, after correcting the points for the fact that the last job was won a bit by surprise merely because the game doesn’t register kills if one gets killed by a car pushed by another player, I’m happy to declare stoic and raijin as the real winners of the playlist. Congratulations!!

The live stream is on twitch as usual. Enjoy the pictures below!!

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