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We had a great Christmas-style party! Thanks to everyone who joined: nop, gloozy, p90, myst, madebywitt, raijin, mathilya, honki, michael, jeffrey, kassz and mattie (away from game but on twitch & discord :P). Hope I haven’t forgotten about anyone. Apparently, Rockstar heard our snow requests (so as Steam servers managers) […]

Christmas party: report and pictures

We are on for Christmas party tomorrow at 21:00 CET.  Hope Rockstar will show some mercy and make Los Santos covered in snow by this time! We will assemble at Legion Square – last year there was an enormous Christmas tree. After that, we will have classic fashion design and car contest […]

Christmas party this Friday

A very quick report this time – we had another great party, with geg, exar, dass, dante, p90, lorsch, nop, gloozy, mattie, chobi, jeffrey, myst, kassz, michael, and mathilya (apologies if I’m forgetting anyone!). We started off in the Alta Street apartment for the usual fun, with special mention to […]

Cops in pyjamas: report & pictures

We’re on for our cop party tomorrow, at 9pm CET as usual! Due to very unfortunate timing, Rockstar has deleted all our cop outfits and patched the method for obtaining one, so we’ll simply go ahead in pyjamas! The plan is to do some fun stuff in our pyjamas. We’ll […]

Cops in pyjamas party this Thursday

We had another great run of fun last Friday! Thanks to everyone who joined: exar, myst, gloozy, nop, snack, monyny, mattiejas, kassz, p90, geg, stoic, lorsch, mathilya, jeffrey, mathilya, and melike. We kicked off at the Gentry Manor Hotel pool area, enjoying an evening swim, and where we tested the […]

Wet feet pool party: report & pictures

As you may have seen, we have replenished our upper ranks recently. First, I’d like to announce that we have a new lieutenant: p90210! Having joined us some time ago, p90 has established a great ethical presence in the crew, at our events, heists, and whichever job that comes along. […]

New lieutenant: p90210!

Time to dig up that dusty swimwear! Most important things first: please be reminded not to tinkle in the water during the party. We will assemble at the Gentry Manor Hotel pool area for a muscle bodybuilder outfit (or lack thereof) contest. We’ll then go ahead with a wet mix […]

Wet feet pool party this Friday

We had a great time and wonderful turnout on kassz’s crew movie night, with no less than 14 actors: kassz, gloozy, lorsch, raijin, jeffrey, exar, stoic, nop, mathilya, mattiejas, honki, p90, dante, and geg. Thanks all for joining! All went to plan. We started out at the casino parking lot, […]

Acting out: behind the scenes report