Acting out: behind the scenes report 8

We had a great time and wonderful turnout on kassz’s crew movie night, with no less than 14 actors: kassz, gloozy, lorsch, raijin, jeffrey, exar, stoic, nop, mathilya, mattiejas, honki, p90, dante, and geg. Thanks all for joining!

All went to plan. We started out at the casino parking lot, where everything remained peaceful despite some suspicious explosions on the road behind us. We drove in formation towards the highway, to then start our supercar race. Despite best efforts to have a clean race, accidents did happen – it’s surprisingly difficult not to run into each other especially when driving in a straight line. The bike races went a bit better in terms of cleanliness. The bicycle race gave the team a real great “Tour de France” feel, especially as we tried to stay together through the race. Honki impressed everyone at the boxing match, turning extreme odds at the last minute. We ended with a great explosive shot at the observatory, and our good old 80’s “glue-zy” deathmatch where stickies dominated the cause of death.

Not much to report otherwise, it was massive fun doing something different and in a completely non-competitive spirit very much unlike any other event we’ve had. Thank you kassz for setting everything up, creating all the jobs, and for your work in filming and editing – we’re all eager to see the result in a few weeks/months time!

The live stream can be seen here, and as usual you can enjoy some pictures below!

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