Wet feet pool party this Friday 8

Time to dig up that dusty swimwear! Most important things first: please be reminded not to tinkle in the water during the party. We will assemble at the Gentry Manor Hotel pool area for a muscle bodybuilder outfit (or lack thereof) contest. We’ll then go ahead with a wet mix of watery activities, such as:

  • Underwater UFO sightseeing trip.
  • Synchronized diving contest.
  • Deathmatch in the water.
  • Sea race.
  • Regatta with sail ships (Marquis).
  • A stunt race located over the ocean.
  • Check if we can flood the yacht pool by all going in it simultaneously.

Finally, thanks to all who completed the doodle, and to lorsch for suggesting the theme.

If you have any further ideas, just leave a comment below!

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